Congratulations to Katie & Allan!! Just married at Joseph D. Grant Park just outside of San Jose. Their day was absolutely beautiful, and Katie, my goodness, stunning! With lush blooming florals, and loads of DIY details and help from friends and family, the atmosphere was warm and full of love and light. I can’t wait to share more of their incredible day with you soon. For today, just a sneak peek ~ so much loveliness!

san jose wedding joseph d grant park


k.holly  |  san francisco bay area wedding and lifestyle photographer  |  willow glen, san jose, CA

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Guess who’s getting married tomorrow!!!

Katie and Allan will be saying their I-do’s tomorrow in the eastern hills of San Jose, and it is going to be gorgeous! There are flowers blooming, the hillside is green, and the weather should be absolutely perfect. Their families are arriving, and everyone is getting excited.

We drove up to Mt Hamilton for their engagement session, at the Observatory. We were the only ones there – it was magical. So quiet, and the view, breathtaking.

I can’t wait to head back into the hills tomorrow morning for the wedding. See you soon, K&A!

mt hamilton observatory engagement session


k.holly  |  san francisco bay area wedding and engagement photographer

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Welcome again to the new K. Holly! Today let’s chat about branding.

As a lifestyle photographer, I want my images to speak, not my logo. (Although I’ll be the first to admit, I looooove branding, and would happily change this up every month. But that’s not actually good branding, nor is it a good use of time, is it? The struggle is reeeeeaaaal.) Over the past 10 years, I’ve probably gone through around 5-7 different versions of my logo and brand, usually with a very feminine wedding feel. I knew I wanted to stay minimal and fresh as I transitioned over to a lifestyle brand, so I went back to one of my favorite all-caps logos, and refined it into the clean look it is today.

The colors haven’t changed much – I still love this muted, lived-in palette. It’s semi-feminine, comfortable, and breezy. It also tends to be the colors I find in most in my images – in baby rooms, skin tones, bridal bouquets, succulents, the seaside, and beautiful interiors.

For the website itself, I wanted a clean, straightforward, responsive design that would work intuitively and look great on all devices. I’ve always been a big fan of wordpress and ProPhoto, so that was my first stop. I upgraded to the new ProPhoto 6, and I am blown away by their new platform. It was a learning curve for someone used to their original back-end, but they have tons of videos and articles to help, plus a stellar support team. Not to mention, some amazing starter designs. Building a new site? Use code KCAR1830 for $10 off.

I’m loving my new brand and direction. It makes my heart all happy inside to trust my intuition, follow my inner guides, and do what I love. Thank you for coming along on the journey with me. So let’s chat – what are you working on right now? Anything I can help with? Lifestyle headshots, images for your website, branding, help with wordpress? Speaking of – I actually need some new headshots myself! Fellow Bay Area photographers – help a girl out!

Again, thanks for being here! Check out the new look!


lifestyle photography brand board


All design and branding by K. Holly Photography. Brand inspiration: images 1, 3, 5 by k.holly photography. image 2 by sarah sherman samuel. check out her amazing planter tutorial! image 4 via mansguilt.  


k.holly  |  san francisco bay area commercial lifestyle photographer  |  willow glen, san jose, ca

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  • Nissa Williams - This is beautiful Kristen! Inspiration for me while working on my own brand redesign. I am in the middle of the messy process of refocusing my brand to reflect more of myself, to cater to a more specific audience and to be more true to who I am… but it is hard! Branding comes so easily to me when it is for a client yet is so difficult for me to pin down for myself. This post really resonated with me that all of the hard work will eventually come to fruition and I just need to stay the course! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Welcome to the new K. Holly!

Some of this might feel new, and some might feel just as cozy and familiar as your favorite blanket on the corner of the couch. That’s what I’m hoping for. It’s still me and my vision, your stories. As an artist and storyteller, my work will always be evolving, and will always come from my heart. When you’re done here, click around and get a feel for the new vibe.

You may or may not have noticed, I took an intentional step back from my business for the past two years. It was a conscious choice, to slow down during my second pregnancy and soak up the precious moments of my baby’s first year. When our first son was born, I had a full season of weddings already booked, and I was B.U.S.Y. I struggled. I didn’t want to do that to us again. So I made space. Space to breathe, to snuggle my babe, to make dinner, to go for walks, write, and to laugh and build legos with my Kindergartener. It has been wonderful, crazy, hard, messy, beautiful… and absolutely divine.

I think we need times like these in our personal and professional lives, a little breathing room to stretch, explore and grow. This fall, I will celebrate 10 years of being in business. I’m proud of my work, and also proud of the time I’ve taken to invest in my family (and my sanity!).

What emerged over the past two years, is a profound appreciation for small moments in life, the ones that breeze between the big ones. Our connections, our ambitions, quiet moments, creativity, milestones, celebrations… they are all facets of a well-lived life. All of these moments, relationships, and ideas give our lives meaning. Weddings, birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries are some of the big ones. Gummy baby smiles, a toddler blowing bubbles, and playful giggly moments are the everyday ones that your heart will ache for. I want to bottle up those moments and feelings for you.

Life changes quickly. And you know what? I think the little moments ARE the big ones.

Real life is an art. Messy, beautiful, wondrous. It’s why I am choosing to be a lifestyle photographer and writer. To artfully document real life, and what matters most to us.

So, welcome to the new K. Holly – Lifestyle Photography. Now booking In-Home and On-Location Lifestyle Sessions, and Small Business / Commercial Sessions. And yes, Weddings & Elopements too 😉

>>> I’ll also be planning periodic Mini Session dates. Current clients and those on my mailing list will receive pre-sale info, and first dibs on spots. Click here to get on the list!

See you soon!!



(ps: we’ll talk branding in the next post 🙂 )

What have I been up to the past year or two? Just loving on these guys:

willow glen baby photographer

*These last two photos of me with newborn baby Leo are by my beautiful friend, Kelly Maughan. I am so grateful that I had her come to our home and document the first couple days of his life. These images mean SO much to me; I will treasure them my entire life. These photos are one of the reasons why my heart was led in this direction. I want to capture moments like this for you, and for everyone I can. Everyone should have images like this.


k.holly  |  san francisco bay area lifestyle photographer  |  willow glen, san jose, ca

willow glen baby photography – willow glen family photographer


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  • Kelly - SO EXCITED for you!! I have loved seeing the transformation in your heart, your life and your business as you have become a mama to your beautiful boys. I wish we lived closer as I would take you out to celebrate! Your clients will be blessed by you no matter what you document for them! Hugs and Love! kb. 

  • Kayla F - SO incredibly excited for you and this next step for your family and business!!! You are going to soar my dear!