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Our friends Steffi and Craig welcomed twin boys last August. I was on semi-maternity leave myself at the time, and not actively blogging. I came across these while I was doing some archiving this week, so I thought I’d pop them up. The boys were SO tiny at the time, oh my goodness. They had spent quite a bit of time in the NICU before they came home, so they were already a few weeks old here. They are strong healthy boys now, running around wild, with white-blonde wisps of hair just like their sister.

san francisco bay area baby photographer

bay area newborn photography

Here’s the part where big sister Annabell steals the show 🙂

Ah! That smile. Annabell, you are THE cutest.  Steffi, Craig – I think it’s time for new pics! 😉 xoxo, Kristen


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My friends have a new baby!! And while this post is being published a bit late, I don’t even care because… SAM. And ELIOT. Oh my laaaawd, these boys are cute!! While visiting Michigan a few months ago, we got together for a session on a lovely fall evening. My heart was bursting then, and it is again now going through these images.

Ughhhhhh…. Jon and Laura!!! I MISS YOU!!!

Jon and Laura are my (first) fun story of how clients turn into friends. Jamie and I shot their wedding, and then we all became BFFs, and then stupid us MOVED across the country and now we miss them like crazy. But now we love CA and just, ugh, life is complicated. But luckily, the world is small, visits are frequent (though not frequent enough lately), and technology is amazing. Keeping up with friends is the good side of social media, yes? 😉

Anyhoo, enough of me yapping. Onto this cute family!!!

Meet Sam!

bay area family photographer

san francisco bay area family photographer

And you maybe remember Eliot, and Jon and Laura from previous posts 🙂 Like here, here and here.

That giggle. Oh my stars.


Love you guys so much!! xoxo, Kristen


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Sasha and Andres  :: a Santa Cruz coast Engagement Session

In the middle of a month of rain, storms, and even an “atmospheric river”, we found one beautiful evening to go out exploring. We felt pretty lucky when we pulled into the gravel parking lot, and leaped out of our cars to a full blue sky. I think I even threw my arms up and squealed with joy! It felt THAT good. That feeling when the sun washes in. Ahhh 🙂

We hiked up and down the coast just north of Santa Cruz, California. The sun was setting, light was warm and bright, and mud puddles were a-plenty, haha. We had a great time, chatting and getting to know each other along the way. We could have walked and talked forever, basking in those last rays as the sky went orange…

santa cruz engagement session

santa cruz engagement session with k.hollysanta cruz engagement session with k.hollysanta cruz engagement session with k.hollysanta cruz engagement session with k.hollybay area engagement session with k.holly

And because they are just too friggin’ cute, and I absolutely MUST… here’s a sneak peek into what behind-the-scenes of an engagement session looks like! Boots, parkas, packed changes of clothes, and a lot of laughter! 🙂

santa cruz engagement session with k.holly

Ok, back to frolicking on the beach! It’s totally warm out, right? 😉

Sasha and Andres, you were a DREAM to photograph! I’m so happy to have gotten to know you, and am looking forward to the wedding! xoxo, Kristen


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Happy First Birthday Leo!!

You are ONE! It has been the most wondrous year with you, watching you grow, my little wild one. Here’s to many more!

first birthday

He didn’t like getting his hands all sticky. I understand, bubs.

But hold on. What is THIS? CAKE?! This is AMAZING!

Am I allowed to have this? Are you sure?

Yaaaaay! Happy Birthday, Leo!!

xoxo, Mama, Daddy, & Asher

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  • momJanuary 24, 2017 - 12:17 pm

    oh so amazing what a fun Bday party Leo !!! <3