Kelly and Daniel :: Waiting on Baby

Ooooooh my goodness, I’m happy for these two. They’re practically newlyweds, all giddy and effervescent and clearly knock-down adorably happy. Throughout their session, we laughed and mused, and a few times I had to hold back happy tears. These moments in our lives… like this one, less than a week before their little one’s expected arrival… are touching, fleeting, and magical. Absolutely magical. While Daniel had his hands on Kelly’s belly, baby kicked to say hello, letting us all know he/she was there too, probably listening to Mommy & Daddy laugh.

Right now, the nursery is quiet and neatly arranged, their bed is made, and living room is clean and picked up. Things are going to be so different soon! Their sweet home will be filled with more love than they can even imagine, and the sounds and presence of a whole new person.

What could be more magical?

Meet Kelly and Daniel, soon to be Mama & Dada:

willow glen baby photographer

willow glen baby photographer and maternity photographer 

Congratulations again!!! Absolutely cannot wait to meet your little one!!!

xoxo, Kristen


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  • Anonymous - We are all so excited and can’t wait till Goni baby is here. We love you both dearly and the pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us.