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You know how some projects at work just really stick out in your mind, and make you feel really good inside, and like you’re doing something you’re really meant to do? Yeah. This project, and this piece of it in particular, feels that way to me.

I spent a couple years documenting Aletha of True Home Restorations and her family as they renovated their mid-century modern home. You can read more about the project here. It has been published by several magazines and blogs, and recently in a book as well. While I LOVE the images of her amazing home, it’s the life that happens in that home that really means something to me. We planned a mini lifestyle shoot to give their collection of images a well-rounded, editorial feel. These ended up being my favorites of the entire project. It was actually the first time I’d ever shot an in-home lifestyle session this way, and it really opened me up to something. I didn’t ask them to look at my camera and smile – I let them do whatever they do daily, and I photographed it, capturing what their actual lives feel like. Aletha and I giggled through the beginning as she folded laundry like a 50’s housewife, and made pretty little mojitos in the kitchen. It felt really silly, but we did it for the book. It was hilarious. But then! Her son Eames joined us, and it all started to feel like real life. This is where I feel like the session really started, and we all relaxed into it and let it be what it was.

THIS is meaningful to me. As I jump back into working after maternity leave, this is what I want for my business and my life. More meaning, more intention, more realness. The good stuff.

Do you agree? Want to capture moments like this? Shoot me a note today, and let’s chat about it! I would LOVE to photograph your family, just as you are, right now at this stage in your lives. These moments are so fleeting, and if you have little ones… you know they’re only this little for a little while. Let’s do it.  xoxo, Kristen

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Aletha, Greg, and Eames – thank you for inviting me into your lives for an afternoon! Next time I’m in town, let’s do it again 🙂 xoxo, Kristen


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  • Aletha - These photos are some of my all-time favorite. Your idea to document the house was priceless to me – I know I’m doing what I love today because of your hard work and extra effort.

    I was actually JUST thinking about that car ride home from the airport when you got out of my VW in traffic and helped that mama duck and her babies cross the road. ??And you know I’m always up for a follow-up session – especially since adding Adler to the mix. Thank YOU!!