A Mid-Century Modern beauty in Atomic Ranch Magazine

This is a story over a year in the making, and one of my favorite projects to date. My friend and former event planner, Aletha, took a leap of faith that changed everything. We are so excited to have the project featured in the newest issue of Atomic Ranch, a killer mid-century design magazine.

Aletha and I met via the wedding industry many years ago when we were both just getting started, and have since formed a friendship over coffee dates, kids, stories, struggles, and tons of laughter and camaraderie. She has always had a love for the 50’s era, Mid-Century Modern style and design, and loves a clean updated look. She and her husband found a fixer-upper MCM home in Grand Haven, Michigan that needed just the right owner to bring it back to life. Hand-in-hand, they jumped in head-first. With her killer style, and his impressive DIY skills, it was meant to be. As she was telling me about the house over coffee one day, I knew that she had something amazing up her sleeve. I recognized that twinkle in her eyes, and her grin from ear to ear gave it all away. This house sparked passion in her, and without hesitation, I said that I had to document the process for her. I joined them several times throughout that year, from their first walk-throughs to demolition to planning, to painting, to the final reveal. The final reveal photos are what are published here in Atomic Ranch. Since then, Aletha’s family and I met one more time to take a few lifestyle photos in the home that are also scheduled to be published in a book on interior design in the near future.

Things I love: design, architecture, color, life, family, passion, joy. Check, check, triple check. This project was an absolute joy to document, and the resulting image collection is something I am very proud of.

Even better? Honoring her passion for the era, and her impeccable sense of modern style, Aletha has since opened up True Home Restorations, a boutique design firm focusing on mid-century renovations and interior design. I’ve never seen her more excited and passionate, and I am positively elated for her. Based in West Michigan, she has already accepted commissions and projects across the country. She is going to be wildly successful, I am certain.

Want to see the house? Get ready to fall in love with Mid-Century design. It’s definitely rubbed off on me – I find myself browsing zillow MCM listings more often than I’d like to admit 😉

You can read her post about the feature here, and click around to see more photos from the project on her blog, Mid Mod Mich.


Cheers, Aletha!! xoxo, Kristen


k.holly  |  san francisco bay area lifestyle photographer… with a love for beautiful interiors and fun projects 😉 

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