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These past two weeks, I’ve been so thankful for the rain. Most of California has been in a drought this winter, and everything around here has been brown and brittle.  But two weeks ago, the rain returned. It’s awakened everything, and brought it all back to life. We had a couple of good downpours, and I caught the runoff from the roof in rain barrels to use in my garden. We’ve been using that rainwater to water our plants and trees. My simple effort is a double-win: the plants get the benefit of clean rain water, and since we’re not using sprinklers, we’re not adding to the bigger drought problem. When I say “rain barrels” I don’t mean anything fancy (although this one would be absolutely lovely in the corner of my garden). I just grabbed a couple of empty storage totes from the garage and put them under the downspouts. It’s as easy as that! Anyone can do it 🙂


I have a delicate little climbing plant that I’ve been diligently watering in the hopes of keeping it alive through these dry days. It recently released a single flower, on my neighbor’s side of the fence. Haha 🙂 First thought is ironic, right?  But I actually really love that it bloomed on that side. It’s a reminder that any and all good that we put out into the world benefits all of us as a whole. While I’ve been purposefully cultivating something good, it’s affected my neighbor in a positive way. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, how our own cultivation of happiness can positively affect someone else, which passes onto the next, and so on. That’s pretty powerful.


I pruned my young roses a few weeks ago, and am patiently awaiting those little buds to open up. My neighbor’s older rosebush, however, is in full bloom! At any given time throughout the day, you can find me with my nose stuffed in one of these fragrant beauties 🙂 (Ah, you see? Now his hard work is bringing me joy!)

california red coral rose

Ah, and now THIS is just amazing to me. This is not really rain, these droplets on the leaves are from the mist of the early morning fog. I’ve never seen water droplets so delicate.

raindrops on rose bush macro

Have a beautiful weekend! Relish in simple happiness and spread joy!  xoxo, Kristen


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