Corlyn :: Senior

I adore this girl! I first met Corlyn when she was a bridesmaid in Katee and Casey’s wedding last summer. And here she is, in front of my camera again! She shows up to Katee’s house for pre-session prep. She’s wearing loungy clothes and announces that she hasn’t even brushed her hair yet today. Her vibe is a little tomboyish, a little badass, and witty and funny. The three of us chat and laugh, tell stories, listen to music, and attempt to get Katee to pull over to pick up a box of Krispy Kremes for the drive out to our shooting location (unsuccessful). We arrive, and I get Corlyn in front of my camera. In a cute dress and a pair of heels, she’s all giggles. The girl is GORGEOUS.


We shot until the sun went down. I LOVE this one of her. The sun had just ducked down below the horizon and the glow was just enough to light her face.


Gorgeous, gorgeous girl. Enjoy your senior year! I wish you all the very best – it keeps getting better 🙂


k.holly | a bay area senior photographer

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