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Well hello there, beautiful! Meet Jenna, my gorgeous cousin. She’s a senior this year. A SENIOR (eek!) in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Before I left for California, I rounded up my three cousins that are seniors this year for pictures. I rarely have openings for senior photography because the timing is during the busy wedding season, but I always love these sessions when I can sneak them in. This fun trio is Jenna, Abby and Jay. I’m starting with Jenna, and you’ll see the other two in the next two posts. We had a blast, laughing in the gardens, swatting mosquitos, frolicking in the tall grass, and looking oh-so lovely at the lake.

Without further adieu, miss Jenna, class of 2014.

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Love. This. Girl.
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Oh, hi Abby! We’ll see more of you tomorrow 🙂 bay-area-senior-photographer-kholly008palo alto senior photography

And Wendy. Jenna’s mom. She is the mom of all moms, and friend of all friends. I have always looked up to Wendy. From 80’s music in her car, to motherhood advice, to sharing stories about being business owners, she is always someone I’ll listen to and share with.Wendy and Jenna, I am so blessed to have you both in my life. You are rays of sunshine.

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Love you girl! I wish you the most fun and amazing senior year. And so many incredible years to come! xoxo, Krissy


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