Off We Go!

We’ve arrived in California!

After spending two weeks in Minnesota with friends and family, Asher and I flew to San Francisco yesterday. Jamie has already been here for over a week, and has already started his new job. He’s been working hard getting settled in. We missed him so much, seeing his smiling face at the airport melted all my stress away. And the big smile on Asher’s face when he saw Daddy, well… ::sigh:: Yes, yes. 🙂

So now the fun begins! We’re apartment and house hunting, getting to know the neighborhoods, and dreaming of what life will be like in the coming months. I’m working on getting my wedding photography business started back up over here California, all while planning wedding trips back to Michigan for my current couples. I’ll be racking up frequent flyer miles for sure! I’m happy to have an excuse to be in the mitten with my friends on weekends over the summer, woohoo!

Asher is happy as a clam, he’s a great traveler! He announced to the entire flight cabin yesterday that “we’re FLYING!” about 150 times, and when we landed, he looked out the window and said, “We’re Home!”. Heartmelt! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up a little 🙂

So here we are, at home in the Bay Area! The adventure begins!

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HUGE thanks to the lovely and talented Kelly Braman, Rhi of Hey Gorgeous Events, Mindy and Ben of Fancy Fray, and my friend Amber of 87 Orange for helping me put together this fun styled photo shoot before we left! I wanted a coast-to-coast theme, and we shot on Lake Michigan. My cute little California Kate Spade clutch was the inspiration for the shoot 😉 Rhi made the gorgeous florals and fun west coast map, Mindy and Ben supplied the great vintage bike and other props, Amber lent me her surfboard, and Kelly Braman brought it all to life with her beautiful photography. I can’t wait to get some of these images up on our new walls!

xoxo, Kristen


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