My sister’s girls

These girls…

These are my sister’s daughters, staying with us for a few days in Michigan from northern Minnesota. They are full of youth, adventure, and wild independence. Raw beauty. Every time I see them, I’m amazed at how much taller, smarter, and wittier they are. They’re becoming young ladies right before our eyes, and it’s an amazing thing. Just beautiful.

Grace, a month away from 12.

Izzy, 5.


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  • Chris Carlson via Facebook - Kristen, these are beautiful, Grace and Izzy are growing up. Melissa will love these photos forever, what a wonderful gift!!!

  • Melissa Kedrowski via Facebook - These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!! ???

  • Brian Miller via Facebook - You have an amazing eye, Kristen! And Melissa, your girls are adorable and growing up so fast!