Jackson :: 18 months!

Gah, I love this boy! You may remember him from previous sessions (6 months, newborn, his parents maternity session) – I love seeing little ones grow up in front of my lens. He has the biggest smile, and best belly laugh! He is growing up to be such a smart little guy, and so handsome too! But most noticeably, he is positively JOYFUL. Just flipping through these pictures, I can feel that pure joy that babies and toddlers have. So contagious, and such a blessing!

Enjoy the update on little Jackson, along with Christina and Andy. I love these lifestyle sessions, like a little peek into their daily lives 🙂

So happy. Goofy giggly toddler! 

Happy heart 🙂 Make today joyful!!

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  • Cristyn Dunteman Sterchi via Facebook - oh my goodness!! This session is so great!!!