Little music lover

In case there was any question or discussion, our kiddo is the absolute cutest. And I think he needs to grace this blog a bit more often 😉 He loves music, and he loves daddy’s toys! He’s going to be TWO soon! My oh my, how time flies…

asher turtle beach headphones k.holly photography cute kid



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  • Ashley Auger via Facebook - Oh My Word he is GETTING SO BIG!!!!! 🙂

  • Katee - Look at those eyes! And that hair. He’s perfect!!!

  • Samantha Hendricks via Facebook - He is adorable!

  • K. Holly Photography via Facebook - Heee, thanks ladies! <3

  • mom - He’s so cute… 🙂 Getting so big, hugs Asher from Grama and Papa.

  • Nick and Nicole - OMG we love this little face!

  • Carrie Green - awww…look at those cheeks! 🙂

  • Laura Fouty - Love his facial expression!