Michigan Snow

Yesterday morning, Michigan woke up to a snow-covered wonderland. We’ve had a lot of snowstorms lately, and last nights was perfect – a little rain first, and then snow, making it all stick to the branches and trees. Not great for driving, and definitely heavy to shovel, but it was goooorgeous!  My morning meeting cancelled because of the slippery road conditions, so I took advantage of the free hour. I pulled on my snowpants and boots, grabbed one camera and only one lens (the Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 24-105 f/4L if you’re curious) and headed out into the deep snow.

It felt amazing – the air was a warm 35 degrees, snow was still gently falling, and it was oh-so quiet back in the woods. I walked (trudged) about 3 miles and came home feeling energized and alive. Fresh air, a good cardio workout, and stunning visual beauty will do that to ya 😉

Enjoy the pictures!


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  • Laura - It was sooo pretty! Enjoyed my ride into work that morning despite the road conditions. Pure Michigan.

  • Matt Fouty - Oooooo. I want prints.

  • Matt Fouty via Facebook - I want prints.

  • K. Holly Photography via Facebook - I can make that happen! I have those books for you too. And our little guys need a play date! Let’s get together!

  • Matt Fouty via Facebook - Yes, let’s. 🙂

  • Tumbleweed Photography Studio - You make snow look not so miserable! I especially love the ones with pops of color!

  • Kari Holly - I love these pics! As I reside in florida, I can be beautifully reminded of home 🙂 …also, your domain name caught my attention (kholly)! Keep up the amazing work!!!

  • Emma - Would this happen to be Palmer Park? Beautiful shots! 🙂