Eva :: Newborn

Welcome, sweet baby girl! Your mama, daddy, and big brother have been so excited for your arrival. They are so in love with you already.

There is a girl in the house! Tiny pink shoes, whisper soft blankets, and the sweet sound of your little sigh. It feels like time has taken a pause, like the world has stopped spinning for just a moment. Listening to you breathe, feeling that tiny little heartbeat. Seeing your big brother watch you sleep, and softly touch your forehead before he goes back to play. It won’t be long, you’ll be right there with him. But for now, sleep softly baby girl. We are all so glad you are here. Kristen and Juan, congratulations! Little Eva is positively perfect.

This is Kristen’s wedding dress, with a piece of her mother’s wedding dress sewn inside. 

Little angel ~


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  • Juan Kuyoc via Facebook - Absolutely gorgeous pictures Kristen! THANK YOU!!!

  • Carleen Burns via Facebook - Love your work and this sweet family.

  • Carley Morrison via Facebook - Juan and Kristen make the cutest kids!!

  • Anonymous - Pics are beautiful! Eva is adorable! Perfectly perfect! 🙂

  • Kim Posthuma - Lol-Oops! previous comment from me!

  • Laura Fouty via Facebook - Sweet baby girl.