Rachel and Zach :: Married in Minneapolis!

Rachel and Zach!!! Oh my… we looked forward to their wedding forEVER!  You see, Rachel has been one of my very best friends for about 10 years. And the day she introduced us to Zach… well… we knew this day was coming. He is a wonderful man, funny, kind, and thoughtful. When Rachel met him, she came alive. She’s more herself than I’ve seen her in years: creative, confident, positive. And I can only believe it’s the same for Zach. They lift each other up, and they spread joy and happiness wherever they go. They are such a big part of our lives, and of everyone’s they know. You could feel that love on their wedding day, as they said their vows surrounded by over 200 family members and friends who adore and support them every bit as much as we do. And the weather! Warm and sunny in late October in Minnesota. They are so blessed 🙂 It was a huge honor and pleasure for me to stand by her side as her Matron of Honor, and also to document their love on the happiest day of their life.

I talked a little more about it in this article, but to recap: We shot our best friends’ wedding! We rotated roles throughout the day. I kept my role as lead photographer during the first look, bride and groom session, and family portraits. Jamie took over for bridal party and ceremony coverage with Emma providing a second perspective, and then Emma took the lead for reception coverage so we could kick back and celebrate with our friends 🙂 It worked flawlessly, I’m SO glad we decided to go for it!

So… without further adieu, the fabulous, glamorous, love-filled day that was Rachel and Zach’s Minneapolis Wedding!

Ceremony: Thomas Lowry Park, Minneapolis  |  Reception: Marriott City Center, Minneapolis

What does every girl having an outdoor wedding need? Two pairs of shoes of course! A pretty pair of heels, and wedges for walking in the grass 🙂

I love these images of Rachel while she’s getting ready. She was an absolutely stunning bride! 

We missed you, Paul. Rachel’s dad was in everyone’s hearts that day.

Meanwhile, the guys were getting a classic shave at the barber…wedding bouquet purple

The First Look! Now THIS is the face every girl hopes her groom makes. He’s stunned!

So gorgeous, you two. Just gorgeous.

Best Bridal Party ever!! 😀

Jamie’s obviously hilarious 🙂

Those serious faces lasted all of about .03 seconds before gut-busting laughter!

Even Lyle Cat came to the park!

Let’s get married!!

This series made me so nervous! All I could envision was Rachel’s dress ripping or someone getting kicked in the face. She’s a braver bride than I’d be!

And it turned out AWESOME!!!

The classic debate. Color or black & white?minneapolis wedding photography

Seriously Rach, you are SO beautiful!

We had a couple extra minutes, so we did a mini BFF session 🙂 Whee!

I love this one!! My favorite picture of us ever!

The whole party bus crew!

Congratulations again, my beautiful friends!


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    <3 <3 Amazing as always you guys. So talented <3

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