Justine :: Senior

Justine. My gorgeous, gorgeous cousin. I absolutely loved photographing you.

It has been a long time since I’ve done a senior portrait session. Not because I didn’t want to, it just sort of fell out of my area of expertise for awhile. I allocate room for just a handful of portrait sessions per year, where time allows between weddings and engagement sessions. In the past three years, those slots had all been filled with family and baby sessions. Yes, three years. Then Justine asked if I would do hers next time I was in Minnesota. Without hesitation, I replied with a giddy YES! and started picturing her in front of my camera. Let’s do this!

I’m so glad we did. It took me out of my comfort zone of posing couples, and reminded me of how amazing it can be to connect with just one person, soul to soul, eyes to lens. I loved it. I just may have to do a few more of these…

Ending with my favorite image of the day… bam!

Love you, girl!!  xoxo, Krissy


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  • Karrie - She is beautiful! You did an amazing job of capturing her. You are going to have seniors beating down your door..

  • Kristin H - gorgeous!!

  • Stacy Pontinen via Facebook - What a fabulous job! She is beautiful and you captured it flawlessly! You are very talented.

  • Wendy - I hope you can come back to MN next summer to do 3 Senior Sessions at Lake Vermilion!

  • elyse renae - justine justine justine.

    these photos are absolutely beautiful.
    that girl has got the most gorgeous hair doesn’t she!?
    <3 them.


  • mom - sooooo amazing, beautiful job for a beautiful girl.

  • Denise Lynn Maki via Facebook - 🙂