Joanna and Ryan :: Engaged!

Hello beautiful city. Hello adorable couple. Chicago, I love you. Joanna and Ryan, even more. We had a perfect evening in their current hometown. We felt the breeze on the northern shoreline, basked in the sun in Lincoln Park, and ended the night with some lovely architectural art we stumbled upon. Smiling, laughing and telling stories all along the way. I love getting to know our couples, how they met, how they fell in love, and their plans for the future. I especially love stories about crushes and near-misses, and a love that was always meant to be đŸ™‚ Joanna and Ryan are getting married next year, and we are very much looking forward to spending more time with them! Thank you again for a perfect date, see you again soon!!

I love how he can make her giggle!!

Helllooooo amazingness!!

And ridiculous cuteness…

Sigh… until next time, Chicago! Muah!


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  • Kelsey Combe via Facebook - Wowee wow wow wow wow! Love that archway!!

  • Corri Scheffers via Facebook - Amazing.

  • Amy Hartman - Chicago is the best. The lighting in these is just beautiful. Love your work!

  • Biyani Photography - Oh how this makes me miss Chicago! The photos are gorgeous!

  • Melissa - What a sweet spin on an urban shoot, they looked like fun!