Orin is Two!

One of my favorite little cutie-pies, Orin, is TWO! He is so bright and full of energy, and the boy loves to run! I loved every minute of his session, he kept me on my toes, it was a workout! Kristen and Juan have their hands full with this little guy. Gotta love boys! Happy Birthday Orin!!

This one cracks me up!! So funny 🙂

I love this one on the left – look how they run the exact same way. Melt my heart!


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  • Brennigan - Oh my gosh, LOVE that t-shirt with the tie! Such a funky rendition of it! Where did they get it?

  • Kristen Kuyoc - OMG Kristen – I love ALL of these!! I can’t wait to see our proofing gallery!! Brennigan – we bought the tee at The Children’s Place 🙂

  • Jenn - What a cutie! Kristen: amazing moments, you really seem to have captured his spirit. Beautiful work!