Katee and Casey :: Engaged!

Katee and Casey!!!  Okay, I have a really funny story about how we met… Katee might kill me for this! Nah, she won’t. She knows I love her 🙂  So rewind to last winter. We were at the B.O.B. downtown with a group of friends, I think it was Valentine’s weekend. My girlfriends were all glittered up, and I was very pregnant. I wore what I thought was a pretty sexy little black & white leopard print maternity dress.  (In pictures, I look more like a spotted cow, pretty sure.) Anyhoo, so we were taking pictures and I was attempting to pose and look as cute as my girls, but just feeling… well, uncute. All of a sudden this other very cute girl comes bouncing up to me, wide-eyed with a huge smile on her face, and she asks if I’m K.Holly. She gushes about how she can’t wait to get engaged, so they can plan a wedding, so they can hire us,… da da da… Adorable. She’s maybe had a cocktail or two 😉 Meanwhile, her not-yet-fiance is watching and holding back a snicker and a smile. She and I chat for a minute, and then we part ways. My mood was instantly lifted, and Jamie will tell you my head might have swelled just a bit. This girl just made me feel like a celebrity! I had a little extra glow the rest of the night 🙂  For the next few months, every time I’d get a new wedding inquiry, I’d wonder if it was her. Then one day, several months later, as we were wrapping up a wedding consult, the groom gets a sneaky smile across his face. A look of panic rushes over hers as he asks us, “do you remember, at the B.O.B…” and I go, “It was YOU!!!” We all laughed about it, apparently she was super embarrassed about it. Little did she know how happy she’d made me that night. We already were loving them from the consult, but once we knew they were THEM, it was IT. We were in love with these two. So when it was time for their engagement session, we were totally geeked! They picked a gorgeous color palette and great locations. They knew our work well, so they knew this field would be perfect. I couldn’t believe we hadn’t found it before! The light was ah-maaaazing!  Everything just came together so beautifully. As it should. Awesome couple, awesome session 🙂  I love these ones on Western Michigan‘s Kalamazoo campus, but just wait for the field.  Goodness!

Ready for it? Golden gorgeousness!

Her EYES… !!!  Katee, you are gorgeous!Le swoon!  SO cannot wait until the wedding!  It’s going to be awesome. You’re awesome. Love you two! 🙂 k+j


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  • Katee Lamble via Facebook - Amazing 🙂 <3 How did I know that B.O.B. story would follow me around?? haha, I love them guys!! Thank You!!! 🙂

  • Katee - We absolutely adore them! The angle/shot from above in the tall grass is just crazy amazing!! They’re so beautiful! Thank you both!!! <3

  • Casey Aubil via Facebook - Thank you so much! These pictures are fantastic! What a way to start out the day, great surprise!

  • Colleen - These are beautiful! I love the light!

  • LeolaK - Ok that’s a pretty cute story. =) Gorgeous images..and yes her eyes are stunning. Okay, I gotta know..how’d you get the ariel shot in the field? Did you stand on Jamie’s shoulders? LOL Love their color choices too..but I am partial to purple. =)

  • Krista - Beautiful photos!!! I am so happy for you sis! Isnt love grand!!

  • Kathryn K - I really like what you did here. The FIELD is a perfect idea I keep coming back to these because the light is great and everything is so pulled together.