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It’s Nicole! And Nick! On the blog! Finally!! If you know me from high school or college, then you know Nicole. We were pretty much attached at the hip in high school, co-captained our cheerleading squad and lived together in college. Shared a love for brownies that was unrivaled. We’re two of a kind. Best friends. Soul sistas. We share half-birthdays. And a great-great (is there a third great?) grandmother. I was her maid of honor, and she was mine. These past five years, we’ve lived further apart than we ever have, and yet a quick phone call brings us right back to where we left off. I miss her like crazy.

This September, she and Nick hopped on the train from Minnesota to spend a few days with us. We were headed to Robinettes Apple Orchard for some yummy donuts and cider, and I took my camera along. It was about time I took some pictures of these two! They’ve been married for six years, and are still one of the most awesome couples I know. They’ll be all lovey and sweet one minute, teasing and picking on each other the next, and then back to swatting each other on the rear end with a smirk.  It’s real love, peeps. Meet my best friend Nicole, and Nick, that cute boy who lived up the street…

These are my FAVORITE!  Probably not theirs, but these are SO them. Driving each other crazy. I love it!

>>— Asher Photo Bomb!!! —<<

(I promise we don’t take our baby to all of our photo shoots. Just the ones of our friends 😉

Hey, who’s that hottie baby daddy? Meow, Jamie! 😉

Okay, back to Nick and Nicole… smooch!

Nicole, you are soooo beautiful. Seriously. SO. Beautiful. Gah!!  I love you guys!  Come see us again soon please!  Michigan misses you!


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  • Matt - haha! Love the “baby product placement”

  • Nicole and Nick - We want to thank you so much for this. Even the happiest marriage can use a little pick-me-up. We had so much fun doing this together! You are absolutely amazing at your art. Love you!

  • Chris Carlson - These are great photo’s, and Kristen you’re right, Nicole IS beautiful…

  • Cindi T - Absolutely beautiful. True love. Sigh! Nicole, you are so beautiful, and Kristen captured your love sooo perfectly! <3 Miss you all!

  • Mandee - Love these! I’ve never met them and can tell that you captured their personalities spot on. What a sweet couple!

  • Anonymous - Love these! I’ve never met them and can tell that you captured their personalities spot on. What a sweet couple!

  • nikki - ah you guys are so cute!!

  • Laura Feinauer - I love these! And I was so happy to meet Nicole and Nick when they were here. Come visit again soon!