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Five-hundreth blog post! I agonized over what to blog about. Favorite images ever? How I got started? A giveaway? It was even suggested that I blog about how much I love cookies.  (oooh, I DO love cookies…)  But when it came down to it, what felt right was the simplest of all.  Just me, in this moment. The more I went back and forth over what to blog about, the more time I wasted.  Time that could be much better spent.  This is me, and my little man, Asher.  First thing in the morning, lying out on our deck looking up at the sun rising and peeking through the trees.  One of the happiest moments of our day.  So this is what I decided to share.  This moment 🙂

THIS is why I wanted to be a photographer in the first place. This image isn’t perfect, far from it. But it holds a moment that I never want to forget.  Me, baby, happiness.  This is also why I wanted to own my own business.  So I could enjoy moments like these.  So I COULD lay outside on my deck with my smiley little guy instead of being chained to a desk.

So, for what was going to be a momentous blog post (sorry no spectacular giveaway or elaborate photo show!), I’m keeping it simple. And I want to say THANK YOU. To God, to my clients, to you for reading this. I never in a million years would have thought I could be lucky enough that this would be my life. I continue to be amazed at how good life can be. How we can chase our dreams and actually catch them. How you can create your own happiness. Whatever path you are on, keep going. You’ll get there. It’s rough sometimes, but it is ALL worth it. I’m still moving forward, learning, changing, growing. Thank you for joining me on my journey.

{ This one’s for you and me, Living out our dreams. We’re all right where we should be }

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  • erin - AWW Kristen congrats!!! This picture to me is perfect!

  • Trisha Denning Iford via Facebook - Love your baby’s name 🙂 I have a Levi. Baby boys are so precious!!!

  • Brennigan - 500! Beautiful post, Kristen! Thank YOU for inspiring me and reminding me of why I’m purposing pursuing my dream as well! You are wonderful!

  • Sarah - This is exactly what I was hoping you would post about. Congratulations!

  • Emily Lamberts King via Facebook - Beautiful. <3

  • Ashley Auger via Facebook - Congrats on your 500 & your blogpost is perfect & beautiful! Even without the makeup! 🙂

  • Mary Clarke via Facebook - Awww! He’s adorable and getting so big! I agree with Trisha, baby boys are so precious. And cuddly 🙂

  • kammi - perfection! Your words and the picture!

  • E'Lisa - You rock Kristen. Truly. and for what it’s worth…I absolutely LOVE this image!!

  • Elyse' Briski via Facebook - This was beautiful! You inspire me! 😀

  • Laura - I think this was the perfect post for 500. Keep rocking it…I can’t wait to read post 1000!

  • Colleen Patricia Foltz via Facebook - Made me cry! Great blog!

  • Gretchen - Well said…thank you for the inspiration and for never losing sight what truly matters! You are one in a million!

  • Kristin Hinkle via Facebook - such a great post! thanks for your wonderfully positive outlook!:) you are such a great mommy:)

  • Christine Davis-Coon via Facebook - beautiful!

  • Cindi T - I have to disagree- I think this picture IS perfect. <3 And thank you for reminding me it's the little things that matter, and I can still reach my dreams….

  • Alyssa - Well put, Lady. I love it! Congratulations 🙂

  • LeolaK - Awesome…congrats on the 500th post!!! Great message, and ADORABLE photo of you and Asher! Congratulations and many wishes for continued success and happiness! Oh and it is a perfect picture!

  • Leah Aubrey - congrats on 500th! but more importantly, what a gorgeous shot of you and Asher!

  • Katie Morrow via Facebook - Beautifully said! Love it!

  • Rose - Spark Creative Photography - Congrats on your 500th post Kristen! So happy for you! Wishing you and your family continued joy and success in the future!

  • Nicole Haley - Congratulations, Kristen! What a perfect way to celebrate. 🙂

  • Emma - What a wise and profound little piece there. Couldn’t have done anything better. 🙂 <3

  • Danielle - I missed this post at the time, but I’m glad I found it today…happy tears and a big smile! Love it.