{ Ashley and Harry :: Four Year Anniversary! }

What’s better than an engagement session?  Anniversary session!!  Ashley and Harry have been married four years this month, go love!  Ashley is a portrait photographer here in Grand Rapids – we met a few years ago when we were both just starting out. I shot her best friend’s wedding in 2009, and we’ve kept in touch ever since.  I was SO excited when she said that she and Harry wanted to do a session!  They are completely adorable together, and super fun too!  We laughed through their entire session.  I didn’t know Harry as well before, but now I feel like I’ve known him for ages.  He’s hilarious!!  I can see why they like each other so much  😉  When we were talking about style and what they wanted in a session, they each had their own idea.  Harry wanted city, Ashley wanted country. Harry, technology. Ashley, books and romance. I feel like we did two whole separate sessions!  So… um… there’s a lot of pictures, I had a lot of favorites!  We started downtown…


This half is Ashley’s pick, and my favorite too!  If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know I love romantic, dreamy, glowy sessions like these… ahhhh… love!


I love this one!!  We planned the shot – her with vintage books, him and his iPad.  But this actual shot was the first frame – just me testing the light. It ended up being my favorite from the set!


Hellooooo gorgeous!!!


We played a fun little game with a vintage framed chalkboard.  Thought it would be fun for an anniversary session.  I had them write down what drives them crazy about each other, and what they love most about each other.  I won’t include the first ones… they’re hilarious, but Ashley would probably kill me if I published them!!  So I’ll just put the reactions, and the nice ones 🙂


Amazing light + beautiful couple + field of wildflowers…. A very very very happy Kristen 🙂



undefinedundefinedundefined Ashley and Harry, I absolutely adore you!  I had such a great time, so glad we did this!!  Your love will be an inspiration to all the newly engaged and married couples out there!  Here’s to many more happy years!!  🙂


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  • Sarah Bronson Amondson via Facebook - These pictures are beautiful! Love.

  • ashley - I don’t even know what to say!! These are incredible Kristen!!!! I LOVE love love them!!! Thank you so much! Eeeeeee!!

  • Keri Doolittle Photography - You totally ROCKED this session!!! They look like a super fun couple, nice work!

  • Ian - These.are.amazing.

  • Allison Suter - You are just so good! I love all these images, the series with the vintage books and the iPad is super cute! I also love your first image!

  • LeolaK - Great session! Gorgeous images! She is stunning!

  • Chris - These are beautiful!

  • Alyssa - Ahhhh! You SO rocked this session! Looking at these makes me want to book another one!!! 🙂