{ 5.27.11 }

Congratulations to Lindsey and Zach!  Married yesterday, May 27 2011 in Plymouth Michigan.  It was such a romantic day, perfect for one of my sweetest couples.  So happy for you two!

undefinedundefined xoxo, kristen


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  • Colleen Patricia Bray via Facebook - You are unbelievalbly talented!

  • Kristin H - that second image is dreamy!! sort of has an old european feel to it:) love!

  • Lila - Sooo beautiful, Kristen! Both are just stunning!!

  • Kristen Kitti - these are perfection! (but I knew they would be!) Very excited to see the rest.

  • Brittany L. Baker - Love these. So beautiful.

  • Vanessa Windeler - Kristen…. these are gorgeous. And you said perfection was too high a standard! Thank you for a wonderful day, you truly know how to take care of a bride (and her bridal party!).

  • Ariana - Beautiful shots! Can’t wait to see the rest!