{ Mentor Session :: Katelynn & Nichole }

If you follow me on facebook, you’ve probably seen that I’ve been working as a mentor with a few fellow professional photographers and hobbyists.  It’s been such a joy to spend time with them, help them where they struggle, and share some secrets. Most of all, I love to watch as the Aha! moment comes over them.  For some, it’s nailing the exposure in manual by balancing shutter speed, ISO, and aperture.  For some, it’s seeing how different lenses give different perspectives.  And for others, like Nichole who I taught recently, it was seeing the light.  Not being afraid of shooting in open sun. And most importantly, capturing that light beautifully. Nichole shoots mostly seniors and kids, so we set up an urban senior shoot with Katelynn as a model. Nichole tended to gravitate towards even shaded light (safe), and I encouraged her to try to let that warm evening sunshine in, and try some new compositions.  Watching her get it, and nail it was such an amazing feeling.  I’m finding that I love teaching even more than I thought I would!  Here are a few of my shots from our session ~ I’m jumping right in with my favorite portrait of Katelynn!


I LOVE when people crack up when they’re trying to be all serious!!  These aren’t outtakes, they’re gorgeous, and real!


Rock that shot, Nichole!


As we were wrapping up our session and walking back, we talked about backdrops and light, and how different photographers see so differently.  I rarely think about actual backdrop – I like light and space.  We stopped right there in the parking lot so I could show her – it doesn’t have to be a gorgeous spot, you just need gorgeous light, and you need to feel it.  It’s definitely harder shooting like this, but sooo worth it!


These might actually be my two favorite shots of the day!


Katelynn, thank you again, you are absolutely stunning, and were fabulous to work with!  Nichole, wishing you all the best!!  It was a pleasure to spend the evening with you!


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  • Tracy Park via Facebook - wow amazing,, she is so pretty and the photos are wow…..

  • Brennigan Gilson via Facebook - I’m so excited to be your bride! And I’m so inspired as a fellow photographer! Thank you for always being your best!

  • Becky - gorgeous girl and gorgeous shots. Love the yummy light.

  • Kristin H - wow, gorgeous! I want to learn to shoot with light like this! could you give some tips sometime in “sharing the sweetness”? or is it something that’s easier to teach in a mentoring session? (if so, i will definitely be signing up for another mentoring session in the future!!) 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  • Erin N. - Is it awful that my favorite shot is the one with the BOOTS? Omg. Shoe problem. They’re all beautiful.

  • Daisy - HOLY AMAZING HOTNESS. wowza. The photos are stunning and the model is 100% gorgeous.

  • Kristin Nicole - Lovin the light on all of these.

  • Zoie - These are absolutely stunning. I am so in love with the lighting. The focus and tones are great, too. I just adore your style.