{ Canvas Love }

When Jamie and I moved into our new home in Michigan five years ago, we chose a safe and subtle color palette:  earthy neutrals.  Sounded great at the time, as we had plans to get-in and get-out, back to Minnesota in two years.  Ha, funny how life takes it’s own path  😉  Turns out, we love West Michigan and will likely stick around for awhile.  So back to that neutral palette… we wanted our house to be sellable when moving time came.  So we chose safe colors, and picked up some [boring] artwork from a local home design store.  I needed something that would fit above the mantel and this did the job.  After it was hung, I pretty much forgot it was even there. How uninspiring!  😛

Fast forward five years, and I’m running a wedding and lifestyle photography business where I encourage my clients to USE their images.  Hang them in your home, bind them in albums, share them, display them, love them!  One day I took a look around our house, and realized all we had displayed of our OWN images was an 8×10 and a 5×5.  Could that really be IT?  In our home studio, the walls are filled with huge wedding images of our clients.  How in the world did we overlook this?

Time to take my own advice.  I pulled out our DVD of wedding images from May 2006, and selected two of my favorite pictures of us, in front of Lake Superior. I carefully prepped the files for canvas production and sent them off to my lab. They arrived two days ago, and they are perfect!  Each canvas is 18×25, so we’re talking over 4 feet of canvas on the wall!  They add color and life to our great room, and warmth and personality to our home.  Its the first thing you see when you walk in our front door, shouldn’t it be something beautiful? Here’s the before and after:


So much better!!!  Color!  Life!  And I know y’all are jealous of my huge poofy veil.  It IS pretty fabulous  😉



I want to get new little letters… “love” instead of “home” maybe?  In white lowercase?

undefinedundefinedMy hubby is so handsome  🙂  In case you’re curious, our wedding was photographed by Alan Johnson Photography, Duluth MN.

In honor of us finally getting our own wedding pictures displayed, we’d like to make it a little easier for you to do the same!  Contact me today for special pricing on canvas orders placed between now and March 18th. That’s just a little over two weeks!  You can do this!  Just choose your favorite images to display, measure the space where you would like it/them to go, email me with the details, and we’ll get this rolling!  I’ll help you choose the perfect size, or design a wall display of several images.  It’s time to beautify your space!


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  • Danielle Kuznia via Facebook - Gorgeous! <3

  • Ashley Harwood via Facebook - These are Gorgeous!!! but you know that already lol 🙂 Hope the pregnancy is going well!!!

  • Leilani Tucker - I totally understand where you are coming from. I have lived in my house for 2 years and do not have ONE single picture hanging on my walls. My house still echoes! However my studio has 16 x 20’s. Go figure! This year everything is about to change 🙂

  • Tina Johnson Richards via Facebook - I love it! It looks fabulous!

  • Jacquie Clarke via Facebook - love it! they are so cheerful and bright!

  • Christina - You were smart to get that done BEFORE baby comes! I wish I would have gotten more decorating done before parenthood began. Now, it is the last thing on my mind! Great pix!

  • Naomi Guajardo via Facebook - Beautiful!

  • LeolaK - Oh those are awesome! You guys look great! How about Live..Love..Laugh? those would would great and definitely is the message that comes across on those photos! You were a gorgeous bride!

  • Laura Fouty - LOVE!!! Can’t wait to see it in person! The blue is fab!

  • Barbara Hoffman via Facebook - gorgeous!!!!

  • Wendy Wood Pratt via Facebook - Soooooo pretty! Love, love love! 🙂

  • Rachel Bannister via Facebook - Those look great!!!

  • Lindsey - LOVE this!!!!!

  • Kristen Kuyoc - Looks good Kristen!

  • mom - So gorgeous, and that was a fabulous ~ beautiful day 🙂

  • Alan Johnson - Kristen,

    Thanks for the link. I had 20 people link my site from here yesterday. I hope everything is going smooth with you. We are having a long winter, it will be nice when it starts to warm up.

    Thanks again.

    Alan Johnson

  • Colleen B. - Love it! You made a beautiful bride!

  • amanda thiessen - love the colors!!! beautiful!