{ Orin :: 9 months }

Remember this little cutie from his newborn session?  He’s growing up and looks quite a bit different now, but still has those beautiful eyes and perfect little chin that I’m crazy for!  I love watching his personality come through in his funny expressions – he’s a total goofball, yet such a snuggly sweetheart!

SO handsome!

Juan and Kristen too!  They are such fun parents, you can tell they’re loving every minute of it!

One of Orin’s favorite things to do is look through his photo albums, so Kristen brought them along.  Adorable!

And of course, we couldn’t end our session without going out in the snow!  I love kids in hats with ears.  I don’t know why, it’s my weakness.

Orin was lookin’ too cool in his biker jacket and boots!

Orin, you crack me up!!  Kristen & Juan, thank you for the fun!!  Love you all!  Muah!!


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  • Juan Kuyoc via Facebook - Ha I love them

  • Juan Kuyoc via Facebook - Whoops apparently that was my entire comment 😛 I love our outside family picture and the one where I am holding him overhead inside makes me laugh. He looks kind of scared! That probably shouldn’t make me laugh. Once again a fantastic job, I cannot wait until it is your child in the pictures so you know how special it is. Thanks again! 🙂

  • Kristen Kuyoc - Love it love it love it!!! He’s so cute, I love how these turned out!! Thank you so much! Hope we can have fun seeing each other again soon 🙂

  • Melissa Kedrowski via Facebook - Too too too too cuuute!!!! 🙂

  • Carleen - He is such a LOVE! I don’t think he looks scared at all. He knows how much fun you both are and completely trusts you to catch him. These are beautiful pics of a wonderful family. So glad to be a small part of your story. Lovely work, Kristen and looking forward to the pics of your boy soon!

  • Kristen Kuyoc - Carleen – thank you so much for joining us together at our wedding. We were blessed to have you at the beginning of our marriage journey 🙂

  • Laura Fouty - I love the first black and white one towards the top. Great session!