{ Gretchen + Kurt :: Engaged! }

I know I’ve said this before, and it continues to be true – we truly adore our clients, and love the bond we form with them.  Gretchen and Kurt are no exception, we loved them from the moment we met.  Maybe it’s because Gretchen and I share a birthday, I don’t know 😉  A few weeks ago, we received their Save the Date in the mail, which was in the form of a concert ticket. They are big into music, with Kurt being a guitar player and all.  Along with their Save the Date, they included a super sweet handwritten letter and a mixed CD of songs they’ve been considering for their First Dance, so we could get to know them even better.  The CD is all earthy, wispy, and vocal-heavy – songs about love, devotion, and about forever.  The very last song was a lullaby, which they included just for us and our little one that is on the way.  I teared up listening to the CD, both from the music itself, and knowing that they chose to include a sweet little song at the end just for us.  The CD hasn’t left my car, I listen to it every time I drive. I adore it.  And I adore them for putting it together.

Their engagement session was a lot like the songs they included – romantic, sweet, a little innocent and a little playful. We started in a cozy coffee shop with lattes, books, and Kurt’s guitar.  It was heavenly.  After that, we ventured outside on one of the coldest days we’ve had this winter.  They were happy and giggly, snuggling up between takes.  All four of us left with cold red noses and warm hearts.

Earlier this week, Kurt was in an accident.  He is currently in the hospital recovering from some pretty severe injuries.  He and Gretchen are in good spirits, but have a long road ahead of them.  Please, if you can spare, send up a few prayers for Kurt’s quick and full recovery, and for Gretchen to stay strong and positive by his side.  They truly are rare and incredibly kind people, and deserve all the best. Their wedding is in just a few months, and we want them out on that floor, with one of those love songs playing, dancing to their First Dance as husband and wife.

chalkboardchalkboardpaper hearts garlandpaper heart garland music notes Gretchen and Kurt, we are thinking of you!  Many prayers are coming your way. Hang in there, and we will see you again very soon!


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  • Jill Lenkowski via Facebook - Praying for them.

  • Laura F - Beautiful couple! Sending positive thoughts Gretchen and Kurt as well as prayers for a fast and full recovery. Hang in there!

  • April Campbell via Facebook - Me too! Beautiful images 🙂 & beautiful writing!

  • Heather Wiitala via Facebook - best to your clients. and congrats to you on your new edition. how exciting.

  • Kristin - love this session! I will definitely keep this lovely couple in my prayers! <3

  • Mary G-Nichols via Facebook - Love your work, and your blog. Sending up a prayer for them.

  • Ann - Thank you sharing this.. will be keeping them in my prayers.. Beautiful photo session!

  • Sandy Chamberlain via Facebook - Absolutely will send up prayers!

  • Laura - Sending prayers for strength and a beautiful marriage for this couple.

  • Trish - awww. what a sweet couple! I will pray for his recovery!

  • Christina - Sending good thoughts their way! BEAUTIFUL pictures as always and I can see their strength and positivity through them. I am sure they will get through this!

  • Jen - Thank you for sharing.. They will be in my thoughts and prayers!

  • Colleen B. - saying a prayer for them and a speedy recovery. beautiful couple!

  • June Webb - Enjoyed viewing your session…prayers for quick recovery and blessings along the way as they journey to wedding and life beyond! In HIS Time, June

  • Samantha V. - Beautiful! I’m keeping them in my thoughts!

  • Amanda Holbert - Sending prayers! They are so adorable together. I love the style. I can feel the love and connection between them just looking at the photos! Praying for you guys! You will make it!

  • Gretchen & Kurt - Thank you to Kristen and Jamie for being ROCK STAR photographers and for being the kind, wonderful people that you are! Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Kurt and his recovery – we appreciate the support more than you’ll ever know!

  • Kristin Nicole - Such a pretty session.

  • Amanda Holbert - Kristen,
    Make sure you keep us updated about this awesome couple and how Kurt is doing please

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