{ Rachel :: A Little Sexy }

I love when a friend asks me to photograph her.  I love it even more when she squeals in excitement upon seeing her private gallery, and gives me permission to share her images!  When we were first setting up her boudoir session, I asked her if it was going to be a gift for her guy.  She smiled and said, “actually, it’s for me”.  What better gift can a girl give herself but the opportunity to look and feel gorgeous, confident and sexy, and have that moment captured?  And yes, okay, she IS getting a hot little album for him too… Lucky guy  😉

Meet one of my very best friends, Rachel, who is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside ~

I know Rachel is gorgeous, but I can’t get over how enchanting she looks.  When you FEEL beautiful, it shows.  It’s in the eyes.

Later that evening, we took his bike out into an alley in Minneapolis. Passerby’s thought she was someone famous… let’s just say she had a few admirers 😉

Rachel, you are positively stunning, and your inner beauty absolutely radiates from you.  Love you, girl!  ~ xoxo, kristen


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  • Marie Osborn Sly via Facebook - Great job, girl!!!

  • Nicole Zaagman via Facebook - WOW! Gorgeous 🙂 Her eyes are so beautiful!

  • Danielle Schmidt Storey via Facebook - Gorgeous!

  • matt - Very nice!

  • Scarlett - so absolutely stunning!!! GORGEOUS work!

  • shey - Stunning!!! She is so beautiful and the bike photos are amaaaaazing!!!! Great work!

  • Christie Adams - Gorgeous- both your work and your model!!! LOVE them all!

  • kim schmidt - She is smokin’!!!! The night shots are beyond sexy (and the entire time I’m thinking how cold it is here and that there is no one anyone would do it in this weather! mad props!!!)

  • Mark & Pam - Hubba, Hubba! Absolutely beautiful pictures. She looks amazing! Great work!!

  • Melissa Kay - Awesome photos, Kristen! Rachel, you have the prettiest eyes! Love the bike shots.

  • Jill Slocum via Facebook - These are awesome!

  • Libby - These are hot! She is totally gorgeous and the night images are beyond sexy. Great job, Kristen!

  • mom - What a wonderful gift for your friend, to capture her in private moments as a gift for herself. I went…”wow is that our Rachel” !!! She is so beautiful *always thought she was so cute*, a whole new side of Rach. Her confidence level should be to the stars, such a nice job Krissy. You are amazing.

  • Rachel - Kristen, I you did such a wonderful job; as I knew you would 🙂 I simply cannot thank you enough for doing this for me. Nor can I praise you enough for your tremendous talent. Love you lots!!

  • dana degroot - Hi, I’m getting married in July and really really want to step out of my box and give my soon to be hubby something very special for his wedding present…and have always wanted to have photos like this taken of myself. Could you please send me some more information?
    Thank you,

  • Liz - Hi, just wondering about the average cost of the photography? Thanks in advance!

  • Dayna - I love the way you captured the ladies in their boudoir sessions. Can you email me pricing information? I am having a wedding in May and I am looking for a gift for the soon to be hubby. Thanks!

  • Tumbleweed Photography Studio - How fun! I really like the bike shots. It very encouraging to see women embrace their unique beauty and their body no matter the shape! Girl Power!