{ Destination :: Trash the Dress! }

Trashing the Dress… scary words for any bride who has carefully chosen the perfect wedding gown, and put great effort into not letting it get dirty on her wedding day.  But you don’t actually have to TRASH your dress – it can be cleaned!  Think about it – you’re going to have it professionally cleaned and preserved anyway, so why not have a little fun with it first?

Pam and Mark got up with us bright and early the day after their incredible Puerto Vallarta Wedding, just hours before their flight back home.  (You may be wondering how they transported their wet clothes back – with a storage bin as checked luggage!  Genius!)  They both looked just as glowy and happy as they did the day before, and I loved that Pam wore her hair down and loose.  They weren’t afraid to get wet and sandy, and neither were we… all four of us came out soaking wet, and with sore bellies from laughing so hard!  We got some hot & sexy images for sure, but the funny moments in-between… repeatedly getting knocked over by the crashing waves, Pam’s dress engulfing her, emptying pounds of sand out of Mark’s pockets… All of it, made it SUCH an awesome morning, and such a great way to wrap up an absolutely amazing week.  Pam and Mark, we adore you!

The waves were intense!  They don’t look that bad, but they hit HARD!

Back on shore…

You two are SO beautiful…

Pam! Meow!!

You wouldn’t believe the amount of sand that came out of their clothes!  Even the showers had gorgeous light… so our cameras kept on clickin’  😉

And that, my friends, concludes Pam and Mark’s warm sunny Mexico destination wedding week!  We had such a wonderful time!  Wishing you two ALL the very best!  Love you!  Muah!  ~  xoxo, Kristen & Jamie


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  • Pam & Mark - What luck!! The one time I check my facebook, I see your post!!! Kristen and Jamie, the pictures are so fabulous. We couldn’t be happier with what you did for us. Not only did we get FANTASTIC pictures, we were able to get to know the both of you. We hope that you will come visit us somewhere in Texas and meet up. We would love to have y’all! All our friends keep asking about when you plan to visit. 🙂 Now, we just need to figure out which pictures to hang on the walls (tough decisions ahead). They’re all great! Thank you again! Keep in touch!!

  • Colleen B. - Wow! These pictures are beautiful!

  • Alyssa - LOVE these. What a fun couple – they will cherish these, for sure!

  • Matt Pratt via Facebook - Don’t you hate it when your assistant gets in a picture? 🙂 hahaha! Nice work!

  • Stephanie Mcnees Stocking via Facebook - I think I might get married (to my husband) and you can photograph us 🙂

  • K. Holly Photography via Facebook - Thanks Matt 🙂 Stephanie – trash the dress!! Lets do it!

  • Al Poniatowski - Hello, I adore your weblog. Is there something I can do to receive updates like a subscription or something? I am sorry I am not acquainted with RSS?