{ Sarah and Steve :: Engaged! }

Warm, cozy, fallish, and urban.  It’s what Sarah and Steve wanted their engagement session to feel like, to set the tone for their fall 2012 wedding. We met at a coffee shop downtown at the beginning of their session, thinking it was going to be freezing out.  To our surprise, we didn’t even need those yummy lattes to keep us warm.  The sun came out and breeze softened.  It was a perfect morning!  We walked all over downtown, chatting about their wedding plans, life, and everything in between. The day was gorgeous, and the color in the trees was positively delicious…

I love this.  I kinda want a print of it in my living room.  Grand Rapids is such a beautiful little city  🙂

Rawr!  😉

And, just because… a little fun!  🙂

C’mon Steve, you can jump higher than that, I know it…

There it is!!  Haha, love it!  Thanks for a very fun day, Sarah & Steve!  Looking forward to the wedding!!


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  • Brit @ Landlocked Bride - Midwest has the best Fall colors, but after visiting Grand Rapids, the colors there are seriously so much more vivid. Gorgeous photos!

  • AmandaD - Gorgeous! Those trees are unreal…I’m so sad we don’t get that sort of thing here.

  • Brandy - What terrific pictures!

  • Sarah Elizabeth Morrocco via Facebook - we ADORE our pictures 🙂 they are amazing. thank you so much!

  • Larissa - What beautiful pics, amazing jumping skills! The colors, the love, a perfect couple!