{ Lindsey and Zach :: Engaged! }

Simply in love.  It’s the way I would describe Lindsey and Zach – they are sweet and kind, loving and genuine.  They have a unique story of how they met: in ballroom dancing class.  Talk about a romantic start! They are so comfortable with each other, and their love just glows. Much like the light on this beautiful late summer morning…

We started on campus where they met, and then moved to a more secluded, intimate location.  I love everything about this session – it is so them, and so me all at the same time.  One of those great sessions where my vision and their love perfectly collide ~

I’m such a sucker for wildflowers  🙂

goldenrod wildflowers

Lindsey, you are SO beautiful!

Two of my favorites ~ swoon!

Congratulations again on your engagement!  Very much looking forward to your wedding this spring!  xoxo :)k


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  • Brianna Rivet - I am a huge fan of your work and we have chatted a little on facebook before. I was wondering how you get your photos to look so light and bright. What do you do in your editing process? Like the pictures of the in the field is what I am talking about. They are absolutely beautiful!


  • Kristen - Thank you Brianna! Most of what you are seeing has been captured in-camera using available, natural light. I loooove glowy morning and evening light! Editing is just the final step in perfecting the image. Take your time, SEE the light, and harness it! 🙂

  • Brianna Rivet - Thank you for the advice! 🙂 I am wanting to get a better camera as I have mentioned to you before and I am thinking I will be able to capture that beautiful lighting when I do get one. Right now it just leaves sun streaks through the picture and blinds it out, if that makes sense.

  • Vanessa - Love! Somehow gorgeous, beautiful and stunning still don’t seem like enough to describe these pictures! Amazing, Kristen!

  • daisy - I LOVE the photo of Zach pointing at Lindsey and seeing looking all sassy! FREAKING adorable!

  • Jessica - Wow…these are absolutely gorgeous!!! LOVE!!

  • Brianna Rivet - I was wondering what time this was at? My friend is in the Navy and is being deployed and has no use for her camera and is letting me barrow it. It is a Canon Eos Rebel XS. I know it isn’t the quality that you have but how do you feel about that camera? I am excited to have something other than my little old digital camera haha.

  • Ali - Great pics Zach and Lindsey!!…you captured some awesome shots K.HOlly!

  • Rachael P - These are so incredibly beautiful in every way. Stunning work Kristen—such pure and raw talent!

  • Kristen - Brianna – how fun! You’ll love shooting with a DSLR! This session was at 9am 🙂 Vanessa, Daisy, Jessica, Ali, Rachael – thank you!! I loved this session! 🙂

  • Brianna Rivet - Thanks 🙂 I am really excited to use it. I am taking my friend/ co workers senior pictures tomorrow. I really hope they turn out well!