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I interrupt this wedding photography blog for some sweet adorableness!  We’ll be back to regular scheduled programming tomorrow.  As I was backing up yesterday’s wedding, I saw this little fawn outside my window.  He arrived trotting behind a fork horn buck.  The buck kept going, but he stopped to feast on the monster-sized acorns that have been falling from our oak trees. I watched him for a long time, and finally convinced my day-after sore hands and wrists to pick up that heavy beast of a camera.  I never want to even look at my camera the day after a wedding, but I couldn’t help but take a few portraits of this handsome guy.  Just a few though, I didn’t want to scare him, and he could hear the click of my shutter through the window…

deer fawndeer fawndeer fawndeer fawndeer fawn

Happy weekend!  :)Kristen


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