{ Amanda and Ben :: Married! }

You ready for this?  🙂  Part two of Amanda and Ben’s wedding day that was just straight-up awesomeness!!

They held their ceremony on the lawn at Bay Pointe Inn, right by the water on Gun Lake.  It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining as guests filtered in.  As Amanda’s dad walked her down the stairs, Ben kept his eyes closed until she was right in the aisle.  Even having seen each other before the ceremony, nothing can take away from that moment when the bride walks down the aisle.  It was very emotional, and so, so sweet.


Sand Ceremony

sand ceremonythe kiss ceremony lake


The bridal party snuck out for a little celebration on the boat while the guests found their seats for the reception – super fun!

dance party!  love it!

The totally adorable and awesome Ryan of Epic Motion!

ryan koral epic motion

Meanwhile, back on shore…. hello gorgeous aqua and red details!!

Blue mason jars with white flowers, cute little strawberry jam jars as favors, and a perfectly summery palette!

blue aqua turquoise red table mason jarjam favorsmason jarsseating chart aqua red

Incredibly delicious cupcakes by the always fabulous Sweet Cakes Design!

Hey, love the engagement picture!  🙂

Now THAT’S an entrance!!  Lol!

They had a perfectly choreographed first dance.


After dancing, as the guests were mingling, they decided to go wakeboarding. Just like that.  “Hey, we’re going to go wakeboarding, wanna get in the boat?”  Um, YES!!  I should mention that Amanda and Ben were on a ski team together…

Is this really happening?  Really?

bride wakeboardgroom wakeboard

“This is what we DO!  Why WOULDN’T we wakeboard at our wedding?”

bride wakeboardbride wakeboard

EVERYONE was watching.  Wedding guests, staff, people at the restaurant, other resort guests, and everyone who lived on the lake.  I’m STILL getting emails about this from random people who saw it!  It was crazy-amazing.  The two videographers and Jamie and I were all pretty much peeing our pants right about now.

bride groom wakeboardingwakeboarding weddingbride groom skiingwakeboarding waterskiing wedding

Not only was it awesome, it was SO pretty!!!
bride groom wakeboarding wedding

Right about here, everyone on the boat got all excited – they knew they were up to something…

Here’s Jamie’s view from shore (nice shots, babe!):

bride groom wakeboarding wedding

Ready, set….

bride groom wakeboarding wedding


bride groom wakeboarding weddingbride groom wakeboarding wedding

And my view from the boat:

bride groom wakeboarding weddingbride groom wakeboarding weddingbride groom wakeboarding wedding


bride groom wakeboarding weddingbride groom wakeboarding wedding

On shore, looking as gorgeous as ever!

After a little dancing, we snuck them out for a few pictures in the gorgeous sunset.  Perfect way to end the perfect day!

sunsetsunset portraitswater sunset bride groomwedding sunsetsunset wedding kiss Congratulations again Amand and Ben!!  We are so, SO happy for you two, and felt so honored to be part of your day.  And we are so grateful for our new friendship!  It has been amazing getting to know you both!  Much love, Jamie and Kristen  🙂

Want to see more from their wedding, and the wakeboarding in action?  Check out their wedding trailer by Epic Motion!


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  • Amanda Holbert - Just love them.

  • Samantha V. - DUDE! She barley looks wet!!! This is too cool! Good for them for staying true to themselves, Loved it!

  • Amanda Holbert - the wakeboarding in my dress was WAY well worth it!
    oh man…it was worth the wetness..which I barley even got wet.

  • Kristen - Girl, you’re a rockstar!! 🙂

  • Keysha - These are A-AH-MAH-ZING!!!! They made me cry! Way to completely capture this wedding!

  • Erin N. - I’m with Keysha, by which I mean I’m all teared up.

  • daisy - damn this rocks! wow wow wow.

  • AmandaD - WOW WOW WOW! They look like they love life….gorgeous wedding & the sunset dock pictures with the pink water are stunning.

  • Heather - Amazing!!! Great job, Kristen and Jamie!!!

  • Allison Suter - Kristen, these photos are ohmygoshamazing. Seriously. The first look photos from yesterday blew my mind too; I loved the collection on the dock.

    And Amanda, you are quite possibly the world’s coolest bride. Love it!

  • Andrea - AH-MAZING!

  • Tiffany H - These are so great and you captured them perfectly! I’m sure they will love or already love the pictures, Kristen. How fun!

  • Laura - I LOVE that they went for it! The photos are fun and stunning all at the same time!

  • Nicole - Sooooo fabulous! I got teary eyed looking at them just imagining what a great memory that will always be for them. This bride and groom rock!

  • Jen S. - These are freakin’ AMAZING. What an awesome couple!

  • Hilda - LOVE them, what a fun couple

  • Marcia Thomson - Hi

    That wedding is absolutely amazing !!! Photography amazing ! It has so given me goosebumps. As a wakeboard fan this is the ultimate and may have to re-consider my plans for renewing our vows !

  • Summer - WOW, that is all I can say!! I look at your blog on a regular basis & LOVE your work!! Truly beautiful! And this is SO AWESOME! I am sure it was really REALLY awesome being there & photographing it!! Great job! What a blast! 🙂

  • Summer Osborn - Oh my word, that is awesome! LOVE IT!

  • Scarlett - so gorgeous and HOW FUN???!!!!

  • Melanie Homfray - A fantastic photos. Unbelievable good :).
    Hello from Germany, Melanie

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  • Ashley Auger via Facebook - YAYYYYY they were one of my favorite sessions you did!! CONGRATULATIONS TO THEM AND THERE SOON TO BE NEW MEMBER OF THE FAMILY!!!! 🙂 🙂

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