{ Have Love :: Will Travel }

Hello Loves!

Just wanted to write a quick note to check in, and explain about the slower blog lately!  It’s summertime, days are long, the sun is hot, and life is good!!  I’m right in the middle of my busy season, and have been working with the most amazing couples.  They’ll be featured here soon!  I feel so blessed to have been part of their stories, and to document their love and the most incredible days of their lives. Such a responsibility can’t be rushed!

On a personal note, I’ve been traveling!  I got to spend over a week in Minnesota by myself with my closest family and best friends. With no laptop, no camera.  (Yup, you read that right!)  To be with those who know me the most, deep down, and love me for me.  Those who I love with every corner of my heart.  In the towns, cities, and lakes that built me. It was a spirit-lifting, soul-healing experience, and just what I needed.  I came back to Michigan with memories, a full heart, and happiness in my eyes.  I have to admit I shed a little tear watching Minneapolis disappear below me from my airplane window.  Although I’m already missing conversations and dance parties with friends, and morning coffee on mom’s porch, I’m happy to be home.  My home will always belong with my very best friend and truest love, Jamie, wherever that may be.  Maybe we’ll make Minnesota our home again someday, but for now it will have to live in my heart until my next visit…

…which will be soon, actually!  (Woot!)  I’ll be in Minnesota at the end of September for a short time, and will be booking lifestyle sessions in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area.  Family, couples, boudoir…. let me know if you would like to snap up your spot!  And if you don’t need a session, no worries, that’s not all I’ll be there for – I would just really love to see you!!

Alright, friends, that’s all for today. I’m back on the road, headed to Chicago for what is sure to be a fabulous engagement session!  Have love, will travel!

xoxo, Kristen

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  • Bradley James Photography - You are fabulous, just saying!! 🙂

  • Jesamin - Love your post today, Kristen. I feel the warmth in your heart as you’re writing this and it feels good. So happy for you and Jamie that you both got to spend so good ol’ quality time with loved ones.

    Love you.

  • stephanie karen - Love Kristin….I think I want you to do a Lifestyle Session with me and my hubby! But between both our busy schedules I am not sure how that would work 🙁

  • Jamie - Love ya! 🙂

  • Amanda - K Holly rocks! Your not only a great photographer but a good friend! Looking forward to the wedding and than jamie, kholly, ben and amanda time! oh ya girl!

    10 days! 🙂

  • mom - Miss U2 baby…was just sitting on the porch watching the rain coming down…lots of rain, storming actually, so went in soon after…lol Miss the mornings with you too, and am so grateful to have had them. Next time, can’t wait.
    You just go–go–go and do what you do, we are all so proud of you.

  • ashley folkema - Kristen, you rock my friend!

  • Melissa E Earle - Hello! Love your photography and Love your shoes and your camera strap even more!! Where did you get your shoes, and where did you get your amazing camera strap! Love them!
    -Melissa E Earle