{ Baby Birdies! }

Guess who’s made a little home under our deck!  Lexi found them, from the top of the deck.  She kept sniffing at one spot incessantly, so we had to go investigate.  And there they were – a nest with four baby birds!  We’ve seen mama fly in and out, but she won’t come close if I’m there.  So no pictures of her.  The babies are so cute – at any noise they wake up and stick their mouths up in the air and chirp away.  SO cute!


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  • Paula - SO cute! great capture 🙂

  • Regina - Oh my how tiny.

  • ashley folkema - Babies! Adorable!

  • Erin N. - Adorable =)

  • Kristin Blok - so cute! I love how you capture these sweet little findings:)

  • mom - Oh so cute.
    Lexi will be running out there to check them out all the time now.