{ Kristen + Jamie }

It’s US!  On the bloggie!  Why?  Well, for starters,

It’s our Anniversary!!  Four years of happy wedded bliss!  I can’t believe we’ve only been married four years, I can’t imagine life without him. Happy Anniversary babe! Very much looking forward to celebrating it on a deck overlooking a lake tonight 🙂

I have another reason why we’re on the blog today!  I wanted to formally introduce Jamie – I’ve officially added him to my 2011 wedding photography collections! He’s been shooting with me casually for the past few years, and over that time he has become an amazing photographer.  He shot a few weddings with me last year, and at first most of his images hit the trash bin (sorry babe, it’s true!).  But at the last few weddings… I don’t know what clicked, but MAN!  I can’t even tell which images are his and which are mine anymore!  He thinks like me, he sees like me and he captures like me. I feel so incredibly lucky that he is an amazing photographer AND that he actually wants to do this with me!  Some photographers search and search for a quality second shooter and may never find it. I feel crazy-lucky  🙂

Kristen + Jamie.  It’s the new K.Holly  😉

For us, this started by him coming with me to weddings that were a little further away to keep me company on the drive and carry my equipment around.  But really, truth is, we just missed each other!  He works full time during the week, and I was out shooting or meeting nearly every evening, and then shooting weddings on weekends. I did a lot of doubles (weddings on both Saturday and Sunday) last year, so that left us with about zero time together.  So he came along with me, and I put my backup camera in his hands.  He’s a smart guy, so it didn’t take him long to figure out the manual controls.  From there, he would ask me what my settings were and he’d watch how I shot and what I looked for. Now, he just does his own thing, and I’m always ecstatic going through the images of the day.  I LOVE having another perspective!

So that’s it!  We talked about it, and he wants in! 🙂  Jamie will officially be your second shooter for 2011!  We are a husband and wife team!! For all you 2010 couples, Jamie IS available to shoot your wedding with me – let me know if you would like him!

He’s super fun, and super cute too 😉

And of course, we couldn’t take pictures without our babygirl, Lexi!

This one is just for those of you who follow me on Facebook – I got him to wear the Liberty of London tie!!!!  Win!

Have a beautiful day, everyone!!


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  • Em - Awesome, Kristen!! Great photos, and that is so neat that you are becoming a hubs/wife team! WOO HOO!!

  • Erin N. - Could you two be any cuter? Congrats!

  • Amanda - I AM SO EXCITED for jamie to be apart of this!
    and especially since were becoming good friends…and he’s going to be at our wedding in july! I am so pumped!

  • Brit - That’s exciting news! So happy for you! And, you two are adorable! Love your outfit (and the hair)!

  • Danielle Storey - Happy Anniversary Friends!! Great blog, Kristen you look a. ma.zing. Jamie, you’re not so bad either 😉 Have a great night you two!

  • mom - Happy 4th Anniversary !!!
    Has it been that long already??? Seems like only like a couple years or something 🙂
    Love the tie, it is nice Jamie, so wear it proudly; and beautiful photos of you 3…please send me an 8×10 please…please 🙂

  • Lindsey - Happy Anniversary! I love the pictures of the two of you! And excited about the husband/wife duo! 🙂

  • Karrie - That’s so exciting. You two look so cute! Great pictures

  • Heather - Happy Anniversary!!!!

  • Genevieve McKeiver - Happy Anniversary and congrats on adding Jamie!! I was just talking with Charlie last night about if he would ever want to shoot with me, but that would be way down the road. You guys look hot in your Liberty of London 🙂

  • stephanie karen stocking - Congrats Kristin! My hubs is becoming my second shooter this year as well. Interesting our story began like yours and Jamie’s! And this is our four year too!

  • Brooke Reynolds - Congrats! Great pics and you are a very lucky girl! Wish i could get my hubs to shoot with me! 😉

  • jacquie - Kristen! these are too cute!

  • Jesamin Califf - I absolutely love this!!! You guys are so stupid Cute! Happy Anniversary to you both and I look forward in seeing you guys real soon. Love the photos too! Kisses.

  • Maribel - Congrats Kristen and Jamie!! you guys look SOOO CUTE!!…and also you guys are so amazing and fun to be around with!…..We love you! 🙂

  • Andrea - Happy Anniversary! Great Photos Kristen!

  • Jamie - Happy anniversary sweetheart – love you! P.S. I may have lost that tie already 😉

  • Bernadette U - Happy Anniversary! These shots of the three of you are STUNNING!

  • Rebecca - Awesome!!!

  • Deb - Happy Anniversary! That is great that you’ve got a new co-worker 🙂

  • Esther J - Happy anniversary! These photos are amazing! You too are too cute! And how wonderful that he is now your second shooter! I don’t think my husband will ever get photography ;).

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