{ Spring is Here }

My heart is bursting with happiness.  Spring. Is. Here!

And love… is in the air.  In the sunshine.  In the blooms on the trees, in my heart and in my knees…

grand rapids engagement photography spring couch


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  • Joanne - AHHH…I LOVE IT, SO MUCH! 🙂

  • ashley folkema - I did a little squeal when I first opened this. Gorgeous!!!

  • Lisa - LOVE this! Trees are blooming, light is beautiful and a couple that is completely in love. Great Job!

  • allison - i love it! they look perfect!

  • Cecily S. - Gorgeous!!! I love it.

  • Lindsey - Absolutely love it!!!

  • Steph H. - Ahh! Gorgeous!!

  • Kerry McGrath - OMG Beth I love you and Billy you guys look amazing soo in love Congrats!!

  • Bradley James - This-is-am-a-zing 🙂 I am actually doing a shoot in an orchard on Saturday. Such a cool location to shoot at!

  • Stephanie - I’m swooning over this shot. It’s so gorgeous.