{ Vegas from the Sky }

I have more of the charity shoot to post, but for today, just some Monday morning natural beauty.  I was in awe at the terrain we were flying over on our way from Vegas back home. Just ask Jamie – I kept poking him and making him look, haha 😉  We flew over the desert, rivers, canyons, and mountains with a gorgeous sunset finale.  My camera was securely packed in the overhead, so I took all of these with my iphone. I actually really love the gritty quality – they remind me of old printed postcards I used to collect as a kid when we would drive out west every summer.  Enjoy the view and have a beautiful Monday!

Oh!  And I’m traveling again ~ I’ll be in Chicago for a couple days.  I’ll be answering emails and blogging more of the charity shoot when I return!


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  • Nicole - So pretty! I love the ones with the plan wing in them and the fluffy clouds!

  • Nicole - I meant to say plane* =)

  • ashley folkema - Gorgeous!