{ A Little Sexy :: Bay Area Boudoir }

When I think about what it is I love about being a photographer, at the very top of the list is making people feel beautiful, and showing them how truly amazing they are. I love it when I’m photographing someone, and they start to come alive, start to open up to the camera and let their spirit shine through. I love when this happens with engagement sessions and weddings, it makes me and my clients feel close. And so it felt like a very natural progression for me to start photographing boudoir.  My clients and I already feel natural working together, and I know how to photograph them in their best light, while letting them feel comfortable, sexy and fun. Boudoir for me isn’t smutty, it’s glamorous, sensual, playful and sexy.  Isn’t that what every girl wants to be?

And a little side story… Confession time, actually.  A little over 4 years ago, just before Jamie and I got married, I had my own boudoir session done as a wedding gift. I was working as a graphic designer at the time.  The moment I walked into my photographer’s studio, I felt at home. I had a blast throughout the shoot, and absolutely felt like a supermodel.  I went home that evening with this giddy feeling inside… I wanted to be a photographer. I wanted to make people feel THIS amazing. It would be another year or so before I would even seriously consider that as a real possibility. Oh yeah, and in case you’re wondering, Jamie LOVED his gift  😉

Ladies, if you have ever thought about doing this, give me a call or shoot me an email.  You’ll be so glad you did!

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  • Kassil - Very nice work. love the lighting and angles.

  • Jennifer Reyes-Miilu - These are gorgeous! Wow. Stunning. Nice work Kristen!!! Love it:)!

  • Joanne - These are fantastic…very beautiful!

  • Christina Masters - These are absolutely GORGEOUS, you are such an amazing photographer, and your beauty and love for what you do shines in all of your work. Stunning!

  • Angela - Meeeeeooow!! Where do I sign up!!

  • Brooke - Great work! Love it! Beautiful and classy! 🙂

  • Nicole - Sexy for sure! LOVE!

  • Chris - Beautiful…

  • Keary Dee - These are GORGEOUS!

  • Kellie - Super fun! The lighting is beautiful!!

  • Jesamin Califf - Looks great, Girly!! What a lovely and classy session. Keep up the good work!

  • kelly g - These are stunning. Great work!!

  • Rose - Spark Creative Photography - These are fabulous Kristen! Love them all!

  • Nicole Long Photography - These are fantastic. I can’t pick a favorite… they all rock!

  • Ana correa - Loved when you said “making people feel beautiful, and showing them how truly amazing they are. I love it when I’m photographing someone, and they start to come alive, start to open up to the camera and let their spirit shine through”. this is exactly how I feel too.
    As I said on twitter, amazing light and loved the pearls.
    you rock!!

  • Syreena B - these are amazing!! just couldn’t leave without saying so 🙂

  • Julie - I wondered about a boudoir session, how much are the sessions?

  • daisy - I want to give my husband some sexy pictures for his birthday, so i am really interested in a boudouir session. Can you please send me some prices.

  • Krista - Hello,

    I am interested in doing a boudoir session as a wedding gift for my fiance. Do you have a price sheet you could send me please?

    Thank you,


  • Amanda - Hello! Could you please contact me with more information and pricing on these sessions! Thanks!

  • Tanya - Hello! Can you please email me information

  • Jennifer - Hi, I really want to do a boudior for my husband for our anniversary! Was wondering if you could email me some info. I’m looking to do it in September. Thanks.

  • Chelsea Stack - Hey just wanted some price info!!! And what all come with a session with you! I’m getting married this coming June 2013! Thanks so much!!!

  • Molly - Wondering if u could plz send me more info and pricing? Thanks

  • Anonymous - Could you please send more information? Thank you!

  • Tracey - Can you please send me pricing. Does it include your hair and makeup done. Thanks

  • Karen - I’m interested in doing a boudior session for my husband and poss. my newly engaged friend. Can you send me a pricing list for one two people?

  • Brittany - Sign me up. Id love to suprise my boyfriend for his birthday with this. Can you send me prices??

  • Amy - I would like some info and prices about an early or mid February session.

  • Debbie White - I’ve always wanted to do this and am finally ready @ 46! Please contact me about pricing and all other info! Your pics are very sexy as well as classy. Super excited!!

  • Leah - I am interested in this, can you please email me more information?

  • Samantha Comai - I am interested in your budoir sessions. Please e mail me with pricing. Also, do you offer hair and make up?