{ WPPI Vegas :: LYON-SHOP }

One of my favorite parts of this year’s WPPI was the workshop I attended by Amelia & Justin Lyon, LYON-SHOP.  It’s always great to meet other photographers, and we had a fabulous group!  I met so many cool people! The workshop was fun and informative – if you’re looking for a workshop with kickass style, I would definitely recommend the Lyons!  Here are a few super high quality (haha) pics, taken with my trusty iPhone.  We started with coffee & breakfast, in this super swank Palms penthouse that overlooked the city.  Sam and I were way geeked!


Then we hopped on a bus and learned some new ways of seeing and shooting.  Models Candice and Mark Brooke were looking mighty gorgeous!

Thank you Shutter Sam for this pic of me and the Lyons!  I’m so glad we were able to go together!  You rock! 🙂

Amelia and Justin, thank you again for a really great day!  You’re awesome – it was a blast!

For more info about the next workshop, and Amelia’s post about the day with pictures, click here!


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  • Jesamin Califf - First and foremost. Love the new fishnet look of the blog!! Super cute!! And, two, I’m so jealous of you and Sam attending this workshop. I know it was a long day for you both but I am all for education.

  • amanda - Can I just say I am so proud you are my photographer!
    I love hoping on the blog and constantly seeing new updates, and new photos! I get so inspired even though I am horrible at taking pictures! your the best! 🙂

  • kelly g - Umm, you are sickeningly gorgeous, girl! Fun shots!

  • Amanda Forbes - Kristen you are stunning! Soo jealous you were able to attend! 🙂

  • Jeff Rodgers - Kristen! Thanks for the comment on the blog. I look forward to meeting you.

    It awesome you got to attend the Lyon shop! I love the Lyons. Justin is the real deal. He is one of my favorite people.

  • amelialyon - I know I’m crazy late on the comment love, but THANK YOU for coming to learn from us, you are such a sweetheart and it was great meeting you:)!