{ Little Kalin :: 6 Months! }

I am so excited to blog this!  Remember cutie-pie little Kalin from his newborn session?  He’s growing SO fast!  It’s so fun to see his curiosity and personality coming through, his facial features, and  of course his adorable expressions!  Laura and Matt are such great parents, and Kalin is SUCH a cool little dude!  We had a great time at his 6-month session, it reminded me of how much I love baby photography!

Daddy’s tie, too cute!

Excuse me, Miss Lexi?  This is not your photo shoot, as much as you would like it to be 🙂

Eee!  He is such a happy kid, and they are such a happy family.  It makes my heart smile just to know them 🙂


This was his first time standing in the snow – documented!  He wasn’t sure what to think about that cold, soft stuff!

Awww  🙂  I love you guys!!!


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  • Laura F - These are awesome Kristen! Thank you Jamie for not making Kristen throw that yellow chair out. Way cool!

  • Grandma Janet - …. these are beautiful…. you have captured the loving feeling of this family very well. Nice job Kristen…

  • Ann Bass - Wonderful pictures! How can we get a copy??

  • Matt Fouty - Kristin, thanks again. The pictures are great! Ann we will send out a fb message with the info. 😉

  • Nicole Praniewicz - So adorable! I love the cool backdrop/fabric you used with the photos of him in his white shirt and blue jeans!

  • Nana Fouty - Very nice job Kristen! Oh what precious family pictures they are!!!

  • ashley folkema - I love his little smile! Great job Kristen. 🙂

  • Christa Meola - Adorable!! Beautiful shots Kristen! Love the little tie and cool backdrop 🙂

  • Grandma Sue Ayres - WOW. WOW. WOW. Speechless.

  • Anonymous - I was relieved – Kalin has clothes. I wasn’t too sure at first. Great pictures, but then, he is a precious little guy. And mom and dad aren’t too bad either. Loved them all. Grandma Ayres

  • Matt Fouty - Kristen,

    I just wanted to relay the message that everyone who has seen the pics comments on how much the love the photographer. If you didn’t know already, I’ll tell you again… You Are Awesome! Have fun in Vegas!

  • Emily - awhhh, these are adorable!

  • Amanda Forbes - Awww so cute! I absolutely love the shots on the wood floor! you certainly had a super cute model! Love his hat!

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