{ Good Morning Sunshine }

If you live in Michigan, you know how depressing the winter can be. We go for days and days without seeing the sunshine, just long bleak stretches of gray. At that point, even seeing more snow fall makes us happy, just to see something other than the plain gray sky. So when the sun makes an appearance, you can actually feel it. I woke up this morning with golden sunshine filling my bedroom, and it instantly put me in a good mood. I smiled as I sat up, stretched my arms to the sky, gave Lexi a little snuggle, and grabbed my camera. These are the days that make winter bearable, and days most beautiful.

Even inside, everything is happy đŸ™‚

Edit:  Went out to get the mail, fell in love with the blue sky!  BLUE!! Just a couple more… Good AFTERNOON sunshine!!

Have a beautiful day!


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  • Nicole Praniewicz - BEAUTIFUL! It was so nice driving to work this morning with a sunrise, it put me in a good mood too! =)

  • amanda and ben - I felt the same way! I woke up and was like YES! sun! winter! oh ya!

  • Kathy Balch - I thought the same thing this morning, and brought my camera out with me when I took out the trash. My photos weren’t nearly this beautiful, but it was still great to see the sun and blue skies for a change! đŸ™‚

  • amy - BEAUTIFUL!!!