{ Our Little Leelanau Getaway }

{ in 100 squares }

Jamie, Lexi and I hopped in the car a couple weekends ago for a quick little getaway.  We left Saturday morning and were back home Sunday evening.  It felt great to just pack an overnight bag, grab the pup and disappear for awhile.  Everyone needs a little sabbatical every now and then. Good for the soul, good for the ol’ marriage, good for happiness.  Monday morning I was refreshed and ready to take on another week!

I hope you enjoy this weekend – it’s another rainy one here in west Michigan, but it’s beautiful.  The little yellow leaves outside my window are fluttering about and falling to the ground, shimmering and dancing with the rain and wind. Ahh ~   So anyway, yes, enjoy this weekend. Take the kiddos out trick-or-treating, go walk and kicking in the leaves, or snuggle up by the fire.  Or go wine tasting & tromping around in the orchards up in Leelanau Peninsula… whatever makes you smile ;)


  • Trisha - What a gorgeous post! I love that idea, and may have to steal it when I have something that fun to do :)

  • Regina - So fun! Glad you had a nice little weekend for yourselves.

  • Lindsay & Rhett - WOw!! I can’t even believe my eyes!! gorgeous!! my uncle has a cottage on lake leelanau and it is SO beautiful at this time of year!! you captured all of the colors and beauty in your photos! :-) awesome!

  • Tarra - Kristen,

    I happened upon your site from browsing through Facebook and seeing Rebecca Scheckel (Ray)’s photos of Bella. I thought they were just fantastic, and had to come check the rest of your site out.

    What an incredible talent and gift. You are wonderful with the camera…truly an artist.

    Many happy wishes to you!


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