{ a pause }

In the middle of this busy day of shooting, meeting, and editing, I stumbled across this little mini-collection in my image folder. I took a small pause to flip through them, admiring their simplicity.  Just nature, simple green grasses glowing with beauty, form, and light. I felt calmed right away. Just pausing to appreciate it.  I pet my sleeping pup on my lap and immediately started writing this post.

Take time to pause today. Hug your spouse, look into their eyes and tell them how much they mean to you. Run your hands through your children’s hair and hug them tight. Let them stay up 10 minutes past bedtime to just be together.  Just you, being a family.  Letting the love glow.

We all rush through life from one task to the next. Every finished job just brings us to another waiting to be done.  It can all wait a few minutes, you have a life to attend to.  A real life, with friends and family and happiness and love. Pause today in the middle of your busy schedule to appreciate all that you have, and remember what it is that is most important to you.  I pray that you find peace today in all you love and all you do.









To my wonderfully patient clients, thank you. I’m working as quickly as I can to get your finished images to you.  We recently experienced an extremely painful loss in the K. Holly Photography family, and we’ve had many days of tears. As you might expect, it’s slowing things down a bit. We appreciate you so very much, and we definitely don’t want to rush through your images just to get them done.  It’s an art, a process, and it’s well worth the wait.

Prayers for Danielle, my good friend and Editor.  We’re thinking of you  :)

Much love and many blessings, Kristen

  • Anonymous - Kristen, you couldn’t have put it better. I pray that everything works it’s way out. Blessings for you & your family. Great photos as well. Absolutely love them :)

  • Laura - Great post, Kristen. Very thoughtful and well put. Sending prayers your way.

  • Cindi T. - Beautiful post. I’m holding Aaden a little closer today.

  • Christina - Hi Kristen, I saw some posts about there being a loss in your family and never responded but just wanted to say that I was thinking of you. thanks for the reminder :-).

  • Steph - Kristen, I am so sorry. Beautiful post though. (((hugs)))

  • Cali - Your simple yet oh so beautiful images of nature really caught my attention today. I first wanted to thank you for that “pause” and second, ask if we could talk about what you would charge for use of your photos such as these. I would be using them in magazine articles and such that I work on…if you could email me directly, that would be great. You can also check out some of my previous work at http://www.jecadesigns.com. Thanks so much!


  • Heather - Beautiful post, Kristen. Simply beautiful. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend and will be praying for Danielle and the girls.

  • mom - Lovely images, and you’re right, my blood pressure started to calm just looking at them. :) Oh, I dont have HBP, but a feeling of calmness really feels good.
    I hope your day was calmer too, as you have made it that way for all of us reading this today. I know you have had some trying days; hoping for better days ahead. Hugs ()

  • Juli - Beautiful photos and I’m sorry to hear of the loss of a friend. My thoughts are with you and others affected.

  • Ashley Folkema - Beautiful reminder. I try to take the time each day but you do get caught up in everything else. Beautiful writing Kristen. Hugs to both you and Danielle.

  • Deb Baker - Well said Kristen. I am so sorry. Hang in there. You are such a talent you make grass look good!

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