{ monday morning pretties }

I looked out into our backyard this morning with my cup of coffee to greet the rising sun like I always do, but this morning something new caught my eye.  We frequently see deer walking through the trees, often enough that I’ve stopped taking pictures of them. I prefer to simply stand and watch, and breathe in their beauty and grace.  We seldom see them lying down, so it’s always nice to see when they feel safe enough in our yard to stay awhile. This morning I watched a lovely deer walk through the trees, find the perfect spot, and then carefully nestle down.  I thought she looked so pretty lying there with the morning sunlight peeking through the trees, so I put my coffee down, and went and grabbed my camera.  I took a picture through the window first, just in case I scare her when I open the door. Then I slowly slid the door open, tiptoed out, and focused on her alert ears as she had her watchful eyes on the meadow.


Usually if we see one deer, we see a few, so I looked around near her, and as I walked forward, I saw these two fawns appear past the trees.  Mama didn’t see me yet, but they sure did. They weren’t afraid, but they were very curious. We watched each other for a little bit, and I raised my camera and took a couple clicks.


Then mama saw me.  I didn’t want them to leave, so sent her a warm little namaste* and slowly & quietly retreated back in the house and slid the door closed. I want them to continue to feel safe and happy back there :)


Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you find some beauty in the everyday today :)

::update!::  I just peeked out again, they were standing up and stretching.  So cute!!  :)


*namaste: “The light within me honors the light within you”

  • Julie - That’s so cool, Kristen! They look so calm and perfect, especially the fawns.

  • Danielle Storey - Oh my gosh, thanks for getting the camera out so you could share with us…how absolutely beautiful.

  • Jenny Duffy - How lucky to have that in your backyard! Fantastic!

  • Regina - Oh My! These are great! I think we saw these three the other day we were on Burlingame & 52nd. Us along with one another car stopped and let them cross….so beautiful how you captured them.

  • Jamie - Awesome! Can I work from home today too? ;^)

  • Ashley Folkema - Beautiful views in your backyard! Glad they have a safe place to roam. I love the one of the fawn stretching.

  • Nicole - So cute! I had this happen the other day, (deer with fawns right in the backyard) unfortunately, the little boy I nanny for decided he would go out the backdoor and scare them away from eating “mommy’s plants” before I could get a good shot of them – atleast he thought he was trying to do the “right thing” – all I could do was smile!

  • Keri - I love these photos! So neat.

  • kmay - Oh my goodness, these are Amazing! The second one is pure perfection. :)

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