Jenn + Paul { married! }

Jenn and Paul are married!  You may remember them and their cute, fun style from their engagement session earlier this spring.  Their wedding was full of fun, colorful details, personal touches, and beautiful, meaningful sentiments. It was a beautiful day, everyone was in good spirits, and ready to celebrate their love.  Jenn looked beautiful, and Paul was handsome, surrounded by their families and friends.


She wore her favorite comfy shoes, and had very unique and Jenn-appropriate hair.  How cute is this – there are curls of film threaded throughout!  This artful magic was done by my good friend, fabulous hairstylist Erin.


And the cutest necklace!


Love all the green!  All of these gorgeous peonies (including her incredible bouquet, above) are from their own garden!





Despite the joyful celebration, there was an air of remembrance as well. Jenn sadly lost her mother suddenly just a few months ago.  From what I’ve heard, she was an absolutely amazing woman, wonderful mother, and a giving and caring person.  Her spirit is carried throughout their wedding details, and will forever be part of the church.  In the detail shots, you will see banners hanging from the church ceiling, big quilts up front on the wall, and a baptismal banner.  These are all things her mother had recently made as gifts for the church.  Jenn and Paul chose not to add any decorations in order to let these beautiful, colorful pieces shine. This orange, green, and white quilt: Jenn’s mother was originally going to make the bridesmaid dresses out of the orange fabric, the groomsmen vests out of the green fabric, and Jenn’s wedding gown out of the white satin.  Since she never got the chance, Jenn made this quilt to represent her on her wedding day.





They had a perfect ceremony with a beautiful message.



Married! Love the thumbs up  :)  And bubbles!


It was a little rainy out, which only meant we got to use umbrellas!  :)


Beautiful, happy Newlyweds!






We went out to their huge and gorgeous family home ~ I’m in love with this classic veranda!





Yummy cupcakes at the reception, and more cameras!  She had one on each table – I seriously can’t believe how many vintage camera the girl has.  It’s an enviable collection, to say the least!  :)




Beautiful wedding, beautiful day.  Congratulations Jenn and Paul!  :)

  • Regina - Love it! Love all the camera accents. HELLO! Way cool! Love the green, the simplicity of no formal church decor, rather to showcase her mother’s gifts… Also I would like to say, “Sorry to the bride for her loss”.
    Once again K you rocked it out. She is going to love these.

  • Erin N. - Gorgeous!

  • Erin G - Amazing! she was so much fun!!

  • Ashley - Beautiful!

  • Christina - Yet another masterpiece!The detail shots are splendid and LOVE her dress!

  • angela sinness - I can’t get over how cute these two are!! beautiful wedding and beautiful shots

  • Jenn - Love the green and all of the details are amazing! Great job and I love the different angles you got!!

  • Sara Joy - These are all beautiful! I love the colors.

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