{ Melissa + Gracie + Elizabeth }

While I was in Minnesota for Missy and Tony’s wedding, I took my lovely sister Melissa and her two beautiful daughters out to play.  It was a little chilly out, and VERY windy, but the girls had a blast.  Gracie was a total ham for the camera, wanting to do model poses, jumps, and other fun stuff.  I ate it up!  :)  Lissa was herself – cute and pretty, flaunting that great big smile of hers.  Izzy was just happy as can be, like she always is.  She’s the happiest baby I’ve ever met.  She’s always content, and then when you smile at her, you get an ear-to-ear grin and a squeal.  Is there anything better?  :)

I smiled, laughed, and teared up while I was going through these images.  I love and miss these three SO much.  Living two states away is hard for us, I only get to see them a few times a year, and it’s always way too quick.  These girls are growing up so fast, and sometimes I feel like I’m missing it all.  But spending time with them over that weekend was SO wonderful, we enjoyed each others company every minute.  I’m so proud of my big sis, she’s become such a wonderful mom, and such a great friend.  Her two wonderful girls will always have each other, just like she and I do.  This session was amazing – the three of them got a chance to be together as a family to play and bond with no distractions, no rules, no noise… nothing but each other.  It was perfect.

This is the very first image I took – Gracie’s head is cut off because I was just shooting for exposure – but how cute are they?!


Ahh, this is better:


Izzy had just started walking a few days before I got there!


Love her naturally wavy red hair!  How the heck did I get the shaft on that one?








Gorgeous girls!








Are you laughing out loud at Izzy’s pic, above? Me too  :)

These next few…. Gracie and Lissa have this little dance they do, they’ve done it for-evah.  It involves shaking hands, high fives, little jigs and dips and hip bumps.  And singing, and a LOT of giggling  :)







Ooh, serious pose:


And a little sassypants modeling  ;)  I adore this shot of her:



Love yous so much!!  ((hugs!))  See you next week for the 4th of July!!  :)

  • Cindi T. - AH! What beautiful girls- Gracie is SUCH a Kedrowski :)

  • Mom - Krissy these are just fabulous. You have captured their personalities so well and they are just so fun in these photos.
    Thanks so much for spending the day with them and taking all these images. What a fun day you all had :)

  • Ashley - beautiful pictures kristen! :)

  • Christina - These are too precious!

  • Danielle Storey - Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The girls, the photos…love these! After reading what you wrote and then scrolling down to the second picture even …I was getting teary eyed. I miss that time with my sis too – even a couple hours travel time creates a gap and you miss out on the little things. Anyway, beautiful post – what a great reminder of one perfect day with Aunt Kristen!

  • Jenn - Love these! I love the dance/handshake between mom & daughter! Gorgeous pics!

  • Heather - These are beautiful, Kristen. Your sister will love them!

  • Violeta - Looks like you all had lots of fun, they turned out great!!

  • Ashley - Kristen, they are beautiful! Through the pictures you can feel the warmth and love.

  • Sarah Sleeman - Looking at these has made me so excited about seeing you in September! I can’t wait for you to capture some great shots of my little man! Sxx

  • Linden - These are seriously beautiful :) The one of them blowing on the dandelions is awesome!

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