{ Invites, Lotus and Ultimutt Doggies! }

I found this image online and immediately fell in love.  It’s so true!  Well, for us creative types anyway… math and science probably weren’t our strongest suits back in the school days.  Being creative and designing is a passion as well as an outlet for expression!  I love the chance to let my inner designer come out to play  :)


Here are a few design projects I’ve been working on recently.  First up, Amy and Jeff’s wedding invitation.  It’s a 5×5 flat card with reception and rsvp insert cards.  I created this swirl graphic for their save the dates, and we carried it through on their invitations, as well as other details throughout their wedding. I love their colors – bright sea blue and cotton candy pink!

(Hey brides and grooms!  Send me an invitation to your wedding!  Not only will I photograph it for you, it will give me a little taste of your wedding style, and ensure I have all the details, directions and info that your guests receive!)



My friend and fellow photographer, Karrn from Lotus Photographic, asked me for help with their logo.  She and Ken pride themselves on their greener business practices, and wanted their logo to reflect that.  Their style is modern and casual, so I used a light clean font and clear crisp design.  I love their final logo design, and how they’ve incorporated elements of it into the design of their website and blog!



Another good friend of mine, and former co-worker, has ignited her passion and started a business doing exactly what she loves.  I’m so happy for Sandy, and her new booming business – Ultimutt Doggie Designs!  It’s a professional dog grooming and doggie daycare company, or what Sandy calls it…. pup styling and spoiling.  Love that!  :)  I can’t wait to make an appointment for Lexi!


Have a great week, everyone!  Be inspired, be creative and make things!  :)

  • denise - Very nice designs. You are so talented :)

  • Danielle Storey - Love, love, and love it! You are awesome :) The fonts on Sandy’s logo are great..so cool.

  • Rose - The beginning image is SO True! Science and math were certainly not my forte in school! I think I may have even cried once in Chemistry because it was so confusing. (I’m a dork, I know!) :) Love the logos! The invitation is super cute too! You go Creative Girl!

  • Nicole Glenn - Yes, science is hard, and definitely not as fun as being artistically creative. I can 100% atest to that! Sigh….one day, one day. :) Your logos and invitation look great!!

  • Ashley - I love the ‘science is hard’ –that is so me!! :)

  • Regina - Yup! I was never good at math or science….Love to be creative though. The invite is great.

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