{ Caroline + Gray + John }

Things I love….. Adorable kids.  Bright colorful rooms.  Laughter.  Tuesday morning lifestyle sessions  :)

When I walked in, Caroline and Gray greeted me at the door with ear-to-ear smiles, adorable matching outfits, and little giggly voices “Kristen, watch this!”  I had never even met them before, but I immediately felt warm and welcome.  They showed me their toys, tricks and headstands, and then I asked them if they were having their pictures taken today.  “Yeeesss!!!”  More big smiles.  I adore my job  :)



I love these ones of just Caroline and Gray…



After portraits, Caroline showed me her adorable room. I can’t get over the ribbons in her hair, they are just so perfectly cute  :)



Gray loves Thomas the Tank Engine…


And little John loves Mom  <3


(and her pearls!)


They took a little camera-break by reading a book…


…while Grandma helped out with John.  They seem to like the music the piano makes  :)




When we were all done, they all had some breakfast.  I took a few pictures of them around the table – not as portraits, but just as life the way it is.  Just a regular morning.  This one of Caroline is one of my top faves from the day ~


Thank you again for inviting me into your home!  It was a fun morning – you are all SO wonderful.  It was such a pleasure to meet you!  :)


  • Aletha | Pearls Events - What a gorgeous family, Kristen! Love Caroline’s girlie room. Their parents are going to have a hard time picking which ones to get printed :) Loving your work, as always.

  • Danielle Storey - These are PERFECT. I don’t even know these kids, but looking at these photos…I’m getting all teary and laughing out loud. The subjects are adorable, but you are GOOD at your job girl!

  • drew - What dee said. I feel redundent always saying how awesome you are but these are beautiful and I have such an emotional response to your work.

  • Katie - Swoon… I can’t wait to get home and see these biggee on the computer screen!

  • Ashley - Love the expressions on their faces! Great as always.

  • Nicole - Adorable! Baby John is just too much. His facial expression in the first picture is great!

  • Regina - What a perfect setting. Very nice.

  • Christina - I am so impressed you got ALL THREE to cooperate! I can’t even do that with MY OWN kids. They are totally adorable and love all of the details you captured.

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