{ On the Beach }

On Saturday, Jamie, Lexi and I hopped in the car for a little road trip without a plan or a destination. It was my last weekend off until October 3rd!  I’ve had a couple weddings already this year, but starting this weekend, the wedding and engagement season is officially in full swing! Happily all caught up with editing and projects, we hit the road. We chatted in the car about whatever came up, we listened to great music, we opened the sunroof and cracked the windows for Lexi to poke her little nose out. It was a gorgeous sunny day with a big blue sky. The weather was mild and the sun was warm on our skin. We decided to swing in to Saugatuck and walk along the beach. We stepped out of the car to feel the lake breeze… and immediately jumped back in the car and looked over at each other with wide eyes… Then rummaged around the backseat for our winter coats! It was FREEZING! We layered on our coats, Jamie pulled up his hood, and I put on my hat & mittens. Lexi didn’t care at all, she was already headed for the wooden steps towards the waterline…










He’s cute, huh?  :)



I just love Lake Michigan… Looking forward to warm summer days!  :)

  • Barb - I love Saugatuck! I haven’t been there in years and years. The Lake Mich beaches are so beautful. I grew up on Lake Erie, but the two don’t compare :-)

  • Regina - Ah! Breathtaking. These are great.
    I too can’t wait for warmer weather.
    Thanks for doing coffee today it was relaxing.

  • Kerri - Sooo pretty!

  • Ashley - Love the pictures of the Lake! Looks like a great way to spend your day off.

  • Matt Fouty - Great photos as always except for the one with the dufus in the brown zip up (j.k. Love ya Jamie! lol). You have me yearning for summer even more than I was!

  • Heather - beautiful pictures! It does look a little cold out there, but they still make me want summer!

  • Jenn - These are breathtakingly beautiful! The colors are so bright and crisp! Great job on capturing God’s creations!

  • Jaime - These are gorgeous. I can’t wait for warmer weather either.

  • Em - You are so talented, Kristen :o)
    I can’t wait to lay out on that beach!!! HA!

  • Sara S - Love the Lake pictures! It reminds me of when I was little (we lived on Lake Michigan)

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