{ Carson :: Newborn }

I love newborns.  Love, love, love.  Renaul called me to inquire about a newborn session two days before my flight to MN.  I was already drowning in my must-do-before-I-leave list, but instead of scheduling it for when I’d return, I asked her if she could see me within the next 48 hours. And she could!  I was so glad, especially since Carson was already two weeks old.  As any mom can tell you, babies change SO much in those first few days & weeks.  I like to photograph newborns as early as possible, to capture those fleeting moments that pass far too quickly.  Carson was just wonderful; so sweet, still tiny and soft, but a wee bit past the sleepy stage!  He’s a total cuddler, happiest with mom keeping him safe and warm.  So we just took our time, cuddling and rocking him back to sleep between portraits.
I’m not the only one who’s in love with this little guy :)
This isn’t your typical happy sleepy baby portrait, but it’s one of my favorites from his session. I love it because it’s so real. The emotion on his face and in his body language is just so vulnerable and honest. I think it’s beautiful.
What a little sweetheart  :)  I had a wonderful time with you three! Thank you so much for being able to schedule so quickly. I think it was really worth it – we got some beautiful portraits of him while he was/is still so brand new!  Congratulations again on your new little addition!

  • Ashley - Precious! Great pictures Kristen.

  • Matt Fouty - Adorable!!! I can’t wait for our little one! Great job Kristen!

  • Jaclyn Marie - Are you kidding me. There is not a single genre of photography that you aren’t amazing at! The second image is so perfect!

  • Ashley - Great pictures Kristen!! Love the first one especially!! :)

  • Mary Marantz - these are awesome!!

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